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2012 Ontario Budget To Pass

Published: June 19, 2012 5:32 pm ET

Last Comment: June 20, 2012 9:41 am ET | 6 Comment(s) | Jump to Comments

Reports from a Queen's Park press conference indicate that after two days of committee meetings Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan will return the Ontario Budget "relatively intact" to Premier Dalton McGuinty and it's expected to be passed in a second reading on Wednesday.

"Because the NDP has broken their word twice, we aren't taking anything for granted," said Duncan. "We'll be watching the NDP closely to ensure they don't backslide yet again. And if they don't backslide again and the bill passes, there will be no election."

Finance critics from both opposition parties, NDP's Michael Prue and PC's Peter Shurman, stated that they are optimistic the budget will be passed in the legislature tomorrow.

Late last week, McGuinty threatened a summer election as the NDP and PC committee members voted in favour of significant changes to the budget legislation. McGuinty targeted NDP leader Andrea Horwath in a statement for reneging on a verbal agreement to allow the budget to pass while Horwath stated that she had only agreed to allow the budget to move to committee stage where her party would seek improvements to the bill. On Monday, Horwath withdrew nine of 13 amendments she sought during committee meetings regarding labour laws.

"Essentially you've got the most popular leader in Ontario, Andrea Horwath, who is polling at 30 points ahead of Mr. McGuinty, and they're trying to swipe, that's all this is about," said NDP house leader Gilles Bisson of McGuinty's election threats and accusations against Horwath for backtracking on a budget deal. "Throw enough mud on the wall, hope that it sticks and quite frankly it's not befitting of a Premier to do this."

June 20, 2012 - 9:41 amI agree Diane. The three man

Jamie Higgs SAID...

I agree Diane. The three man panel is a joke, They have no intention of listening to the Horse racing community, It's all smoke and mirrors so they can say they tried to help with transition. The majority of the people still think it's a subsidy and we must do better job to give them the facts........

We need to organize a mass demonstration where the horsepeople meet a Queens park in the end. Every trainer and owner need to contact everyone involved with their operations (employees,Vets,Blacksmiths,owners,feed guys, the guys that sell them their trucks, Trailers and anyone else that is affliated, and I mean everyone.)

We need to coordinate from Ottawa to Windsor Sudbury to Hamilton and all the places in between. They don't take us seriously and unfortunated the only way to get the facts out is to get nasty and shove our cause down their throats so we can get some press which will in turn get the Urbanites and people who just take Duncans word that it is a Subsidy the real facts and get them onside. Surely if the students can get that much intention in Quebec 60,000 people can create some noise.

June 20, 2012 - 7:56 amIt is very clear that Andrea

Paul Gangle SAID...

It is very clear that Andrea Horwath has chosen to protect her job over the best interests of the electorate in Ontario. So sad for Ontario and horse racing. I sent her an e-mail stating my displeasure of her decision to "cave" to the Liberals and this corrupt government. Her actions and political grandstanding only served to exemplify her lack of leadership. I stated to her what a wise man once told me and that is this......"if you want to be perceived as a leader, then you better act like one." Andrea Horwath will NEVER be the Premier of Ontario.

Paul J. Gangle
former Municipal councilor (two terms)

June 20, 2012 - 12:14 amIsn't it time we took control

Isn't it time we took control of our own future people ? Why is it the OLG has a monopoly on gaming ? We should be creating our own partnership with all the racetracks and kick the corrupt OLG out. All the tracks have private ownership except Woodbine and Mohawk and Flamboro and Georgian downs. Under our own umbrella for say Ontario Horse Racing and Gaming Industry we could run our own entity and offer better returns to the gambler than the ripoff OLG. We could give the Liberals 25% and keep the 75% that they are now getting and put so much money back into the tracks and racing . They chose to end the partnership , not us !!
It's time to look at legal options and get the ball rolling people !!

June 19, 2012 - 8:50 pmafter 55 consecutive nights

Diane Lord SAID...

after 55 consecutive nights in montreal, students are still demonstrating on the streets in downtown montreal because of a hike in tuition fees, Bravo! for the students. and what are the horse people doing? NOTHING just talk, talk, talk,.....etc... BRAVO! keep on talking.

June 19, 2012 - 6:20 pmWhy don't we have a rally at

greg price SAID...

Why don't we have a rally at queen park tomorrow morning.... this being our last chance in all.......were accepting this way to easy.... fight for your right... will all clue in when there is Nothing to race for $$$$$

June 19, 2012 - 5:57 pmWas there ever a doubt that

Was there ever a doubt that it would pass.

Horvath's grandstanding was pathetic and she wasn't fooling anybody. She chose her political career over this industry and the brilliant animals that make it, don't ever forget it when the next election comes. For myself, I will ask for 10 Liberal signs and 10 NDP signs for my property and then I will have a nice bonfire, you can bank on that.

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