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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 104 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
Silverhill Delight Bettors Delight Tattoo Hanover R 3 G P Sep 16/14 contact
Chievous Dan Amigo Hall Lil Miss Chievous R 3 G T Sep 16/14 $14,000 neg
Charlottes Style Coastocoast Yankee Ogs Starlett R 3 F P Sep 16/14 $3,000 obo
Charstruck Striking Sahbra Chiara R 3 F T Sep 15/14 contact
Monster Mass Muscle Mass Dicent No R 3 G T Sep 15/14 contact
Mini Torpedo Federal Flex Dicent No R 2 F T Sep 15/14 contact
Voodoo Charm Ponder Athens By Night R 2 F P Sep 15/14 contact
Hare Canada Sportswriter Hare Trigger R 2 F P Sep 15/14 $11,000 obo
Sue Sings Soprano Ameripan Gigolo Ms Soprano R 3 F P Sep 15/14 $2,500
Sparky Bayama Aces Up Lucky Character R 6 G P Sep 15/14 $3,500
Hiddenbrooke Shark Gesture Ayla R 5 M P Sep 15/14 $2,000
Muscle Time Muscle Mass Spare Time Rozie Y 1 C T Sep 15/14 $50,000 obo
Bettor Kiss Candy Bettors Delight Kisses N Candy Y 1 F P Sep 12/14 $50,000 +HST
Unik Bayama Sold Lis Mara Korina Bayama R 4 G P Sep 12/14 $2,500
Caveat Creek Santanna Blue Chip Kamalu Creek R 3 F P Sep 11/14 $4,800 obo
Woodmere Speedball Articulator Costly Ball R 3 F P Sep 11/14 $7,800
Letmemakethecall-REDUCED! Skydancer Hanover Loyal Lady R 3 G P Sep 11/14 $3,000
Legionsofangels Federal Flex Our Angel Flight Y 1 F T Sep 11/14 $4,500 neg
Prettyndangerous Armbro Deuce Program Manager R 4 M P Sep 10/14 $10,000
Margies Luck Ameripan Gigolo Hurricane Margie R 2 F P Sep 10/14 $2,000
Golfgirl Sold Jeremes Jet Lifesabolofcherrys R 2 F P Sep 10/14 contact
Ja El Ginger Balanced Image Coastalongwithme B 12 M T Sep 9/14 $7,000
Rascal Flatter Classic Card Shark Gems And Jewels R 3 G P Sep 9/14 $4,500
A B Beach Babe Jennas Beach Boy Arrow Song R 5 M P Sep 9/14 $3,500
Minnesota Hanover Sold Real Artist MM Grande R 8 G P Sep 9/14 $3,500
Fantasy Photo Sold Muscle Mass Serena Kosmos R 3 F T Sep 9/14 $8,500 +HST
Nashville Blues Sold Camluck Armbro Nashville R 3 F P Sep 9/14 $14,000 +HST
Alexas Hope Cams Card Shark Vain In Spain R 3 F P Sep 8/14 $12,000
Massacaia Muscle Mass Ghirardelli Square R 3 C T Sep 8/14 $25,000 +HST
Catch A Lucky Star Sand Shooter Leias Star R 4 M P Sep 8/14 $4,600
Fighting Fire Federal Flex Lewies Lulu Y 1 F T Sep 8/14 $10,000 +HST
Tango Bayama Sold No Pan Intended Westwin Breeze R 3 F P Sep 8/14 $6,000
Three Rockets Sold Mach Three Iona Rocket R 3 C P Sep 7/14 $2,999 +HST
Trophy Daughter Muscle Mass Only Dreaming R 3 F T Sep 5/14 contact
Cool Touch Sold Dream Vacation Touch Of Your Love R 11 G T Sep 5/14 $2,500
Negligent Hanover The Panderosa Northern Diligence R 4 M P Sep 5/14 $10,000 +HST
Lukes Devon Sold Angus Hall Heartbeat Hanover R 7 G T Sep 5/14 $5,500
Sayitlikeyoumeanit Whatayasay Break The Cycle R 3 G P Sep 3/14 $4,500
Kiwi Pres Sold The Pres Kristalvagen N R 3 G T Sep 3/14 $10,000
Sam I Am Sold Thunder Road I Believe In You R 5 G T Sep 3/14 $4,500 obo
P C Momma Mia Cornaro Dasolo Balladeer R 4 M T Sep 3/14 $5,000
Ablaze Hanover Somebeachsomewhere Armbro Amoretto R 4 G P Sep 3/14 $5,000
Mount Juliette Sold Kadabra Paco Dream R 3 F T Sep 3/14 $4,500
Gunning For Glory Badlands Hanover Flights Glory R 3 G P Sep 3/14 $7,500
Do The Wheelhouse Majestic Son Katies Kadabra R 3 F T Sep 3/14 $10,000 +HST
Santanna Sam Sold Santanna Blue Chip Shes Beachy Y 1 C P Sep 2/14 contact
KFB Amigo Cool Amigo Hall Canada Cool Y 1 C T Sep 2/14 bo
KFB Ami Lavec Mr Lavec Canbec Amie Kim Y 1 C T Sep 2/14 bo
KFB Amigo Valentin Amigo Hall J M Valentine Y 1 C T Sep 2/14 bo
J M Valentine Garland Lobell Armbro Impunity B 18 M T Sep 2/14 bo
Bold Arrow Life Sign Armbro Arrow R 6 G P Sep 2/14 $5,500
Jarretts Jet Sold Jeremes Jet Armbro Sideshow R 4 H P Sep 2/14 $6,000
P H Sunshine-REDUCED! Mantorious Kiwi Cinder N R 3 F P Sep 2/14 $3,200
Brookdale Heather-UPDATED! Western Paradise Half Luck R 5 M P Sep 2/14 $10,000 obo
Hp Rubis Joyce Perfect Union Rustlers Hustler R 2 F P Aug 31/14 $4,000 neg
Canbec Lord Enzo Sold Federal Flex Cr Firefly R 3 C T Aug 31/14 $5,000 neg
Alices Wonderland Sold Mach Three Alice Emily R 4 M P Aug 31/14 $4,500
Tjs Ellie Cracking Light Jonnies Echo R 7 M P Aug 29/14 $3,000
Flash Memory Sold Bettors Delight Allamerican Memory R 3 F P Aug 29/14 $2,500
Bad Fox Badlands Hanover Fox Valley Hooker R 4 G P Aug 28/14 $15,000 +HST
Perfect Aggo Perfect Union Scooter Lane R 5 G P Aug 27/14 $4,000
Riddle Me Miss Mutineer America Alive R 4 M T Aug 27/14 $8,500 contact
Elm Grove Intrepid-UPDATED! Largo Elm Grove Starlite R 3 C P Aug 26/14 $3,800 obo
Windsong Loyal Badlands Hanover Mattamophous R 2 G P Aug 26/14 $6,000 +HST
Zahariba Sold Angus Hall Zaharias R 3 F T Aug 26/14 $3,500
Jeannes Faith Sold Armbro Baylor Belle Sahbra R 3 F P Aug 25/14 $1,500 obo
Huronexpress Astreos Level Starlet R 8 G P Aug 25/14 $2,500
Tag Up And Go Angus Hall Tagapine R 4 G T Aug 25/14 $45,000
Jack Reacher Sold No Pan Intended Eggs Panedict R 2 C P Aug 25/14 contact
Canbec Kameron-REDUCED! Lis Mara Monica Blue Chip R 4 G P Aug 25/14 $2,000
Astreos Boy Astronomical Armbro Tradition R 2 C P Aug 25/14 $11,000
Astrogal Astronomical Armbro Tradition R 3 F P Aug 25/14 $11,000
Shanghai Kang Jeremes Jet Miss Shanghai R 2 C P Aug 25/14 $12,000
Face To Face Sold Camluck Cheeky Hanover R 3 F P Aug 25/14 $4,000
Comete Normand Infinitif La Douce Normand R 2 F T Aug 25/14 $12,500 +HST
Cassette Hanover Real Desire Cinergy Hanover R 3 F P Aug 25/14 $7,000
Aqua Lung Muscles Yankee Veronica Lake R 3 G T Aug 25/14 $12,000 +HST
My Eli Blue Chip Sold Sportswriter Lofty Yankee R 2 C P Aug 25/14 $10,000 obo
Badlands Delight Badlands Hanover Colada Blue Chip R 2 F P Aug 25/14 $6,000 neg
Next To Go Southfork Daphne Hall R 4 G T Aug 24/14 $15,000 +HST
S G Special P Forty Seven Rocket Alert R 6 G P Aug 24/14 $7,000 +HST
Captain Hazardous Sold Mach Three Stonebridge Capri R 2 C P Aug 22/14 $8,000 obo
Jetcrest Sold Pegasus Spur Spilled Milk R 5 G T Aug 21/14 $12,000 obo
Mk Rocket Brandons Cowboy Douce Marie Y 1 F P Aug 20/14 $8,500 neg
Final Curtain Sold Pro Bono Best Lola R 9 H P Aug 20/14 $5,000
O K Elegant Dragon Again Cc Stacy R/B 5 M P Aug 19/14 $3,000 obo
Override Largo Chipmunks Can Sing R 3 G P Aug 19/14 $2,500 obo
Night Talker Western Ideal Peaceful Feeling R 10 G P Aug 19/14 $2,500 obo
Stonebridge Dawn Muscle Mass Meanstoyourdreams R 4 M T Aug 19/14 $12,000 +HST
Chocolate Slide Chocolatier Raging Goal R 6 M T Aug 19/14 $3,500
Warrawee Quire-REDUCED!!! Sportswriter Warrawee Jangle R 2 F P Aug 19/14 $9,000
St Lads Goliath Sold Mister Big Armbro Dandy R 2 C P Aug 19/14 $4,000 obo
Century Alakazam Sold Kadabra Ladyhoo R 3 F T Aug 19/14 $10,000
Sos My Lady Camluck Northern Queen R 3 F P Aug 18/14 $5,500
Mr Wesjet Bud Jeremes Jet Rosebud Stena R 2 C P Aug 18/14 $4,000
Marclif Tory Sold The Pres Marclif Victoria R 3 F T Aug 18/14 $2,500
Marclif Victoria Sold Brylin Boyz Marclif Aislin B 13 M T Aug 18/14 $2,500
Pylater Sold No Pan Intended Bunny My Gal R 3 G P Aug 18/14 $3,800
Toomuchfunwithu Sold Western Hanover Last Night R 8 M P Aug 18/14 $2,000
Bunkhouse Brawl Royal Mattjesty Bunker To Bunker R 2 G P Aug 15/14 $30,000
Royal Ashton Royal Mattjesty Ashlees Star R 3 G P Aug 15/14 $20,000
Hunt N Save-REDUCED! Royal Mattjesty The Beastress R 3 G P Aug 15/14 $6,000
Classic Summer-REDUCED! Classic Card Shark Armbro Summer R 3 F P Aug 15/14 $6,000
Striking Hurricane Striking Sahbra Tarport Maggie R 3 G T Aug 15/14 $20,000

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