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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 89 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
Credit Ring Up The Credit Mood Rings Y 1 F P Jul 20/17 $15,000
Miss Old Vines Artiscape Miss Zinfandel B 8 M P Jul 20/17 $25,000
Canbec Is Back Canbec Athlete Canbec Dilemma R 9 G P Jul 19/17 $4,200
Keepall Angus Hall Speed Keeper R 3 G T Jul 19/17 $18,000
Icey Breeze Western Terror Ice Chaser B 11 M P Jul 19/17 $25,000
Rockin Deo Rock N Roll Heaven Aeterna Deo R 3 F P Jul 19/17 $12,000
Omnicient Bluechip Art Major Sentbytheangels B 3 M P Jul 18/17 $6,000 +HST
Annacloy Art Major Lislea Phia R 3 F P Jul 18/17 $11,000 US
Fraternity Mcardle Shady Desire R 7 G P Jul 18/17 $6,500 US
Jessica Larbar Jailhouse Jesse Ja El Vivacious R 6 M T Jul 18/17 $10,500 US
Sporty Diva Sportswriter Kyan Star R 3 F P Jul 18/17 $7,200 obo
Miss Chili Pepper Dali Mary Rita Hanover R 1 F P Jul 18/17 $16,000
Strengths Victory Valley Victor Ja Mar Strength R 11 G T Jul 18/17 $7,000
Shesastarreporter Sportswriter Rambaran Star R 5 M P Jul 18/17 $6,500 +HST
Hot Tap Allamerican Navajo Hot Night R 3 C P Jul 17/17 $12,000
Colin N Down Articulator Khadiva Hanover R 3 G P Jul 17/17 $12,500 +HST
Dividend Day Ameripan Gigolo Divine Justice R 3 G P Jul 17/17 $7,500 +HST
One Big Hottie Mister Big Hot Night R 4 M P Jul 16/17 $6,000
Seawind Hudson Sportwriter Hey Girl R 5 G B Jul 14/17 $10,900
Truce Seelster Sold Mach Three The Patriot R 3 F P Jul 14/17 $20,000 +HST
GW Susann Sold Fred and Ginger No Prenup R 2 F P Jul 14/17 $15,000 +HST
Ludwig Hanover Well Said Lauren Order R 3 G P Jul 14/17 $15,000 neg
Ladydabra Kadabra Windsong Fashion R 3 F T Jul 12/17 $28,500
Altoona Hanover Western Ideal Arts Lady Diana R 4 M P Jul 12/17 $6,700
Whole Lot Of Sugar-REDUCED! Windsong Espoir Maple Sugar R 3 F T Jul 12/17 $32,500 +HST
Mach An Angel Sold Mach Three Artful Angel R 4 M P Jul 12/17 $12,000 +HST
Wicked Hill Rock N Roll Heaven Sebring Blue Chip R 3 F P Jul 12/17 $12,000 +HST
A Funny Feeling Feelin Friskie Jetta Joy R 3 F P Jul 11/17 $12,000 US
Ok Gemma - Updated! Bettors Delight Whitesand Jewel R 6 M P Jul 11/17 $10,000 US
Sass That Mass Muscle Mass Smooth And Sassy R/B 4 M T Jul 11/17 $15,000 +HST
Hotintheshadow Sold Shadow Play Armbro Creole R 2 G P Jul 11/17 $20,000 obo
Ivegotmyeyeonu Mach Three Fairway Sand R 7 M P Jul 10/17 $4,500 obo
Espoir Go Sold Windsong Espoir Georgie Hall R 3 F T Jul 10/17 $17,500 +HST
Blissful Misty Sold Vintage Master Blissful Maddie R 3 F P Jul 10/17 $7,500
Aaron Steel Dali Crazy She Calls Me R 2 G P Jul 10/17 $12,000 obo
Greased Lightning Windsong Espoir Trot Your Sox Off Y 1 C T Jul 10/17 $12,000
Leda Atomica Dali Bet Your Booty R 6 M P Jul 10/17 $4,000
Winnielikestowin Mister Big Romance Island R 3 F P Jul 9/17 $8,000 +HST
The Book Keeper Cams Card Shark Little Black Book B 13 M P Jul 7/17 $5,000
Casimir Live It Up Sir Luck Elegance N Style B 8 M P Jul 7/17 $6,500
Peace Of Dali Dali Pursuit Of Peace Y 1 F P Jul 6/17 $25,000
Sweet Kimmy Holiday Road Chef Heartsalot R 3 F T Jul 6/17 $22,000 +HST
Action Royal Grin Royal Mattjesty Action Grin R 5 M P Jul 5/17 $7,300
Sophie Blu Sold Santanna Blue Chip Raise Your Spirits R 7 M P Jul 4/17 $5,500
Miss Mittzie Bee Sold Badlands Hanover Oven Mitt R 3 F P Jul 4/17 $14,000 +HST
Ask For Me Sold Mister Big Ask For It R 3 F P Jul 4/17 $12,000 +HST
Rock Fame Sold Rocknroll Hanover Michelles Victory R 6 G P Jul 4/17 $12,000 +HST
Dog Soldier Sold American Ideal Barks Like A Dog R 3 F P Jul 4/17 $9,500 obo
Tymal Declan Sold Kadabra Patsys Point R 3 F T Jul 1/17 $15,000
Historien Duharas Badlands Hanover Histoire Duharas R 3 G P Jun 30/17 $6,000 +HST
Vinnie Bobarino Skydancer Hanover Venturi Effect R 3 G P Jun 30/17 $8,000
Genuine Sold Sportswriter E Ts Camille R 2 F P Jun 29/17 $7,500 +HST
Apple Tart Hanover Sold Bettors Delight Appleonia Art R 3 F P Jun 29/17 $9,000
Vintage Lock Vintage Master Cheyenne Ava R 2 C P Jun 29/17 $15,000
Bluebird Virtue Always A Virgin Hannas Delight R 3 G P Jun 29/17 $9,500 +HST
Iam What I Am Angus Hall Zorgwijk Empress R 2 G T Jun 28/17 $12,000 +HST
Endless Legacy Sold Sportswriter Endless Delight R 4 M P Jun 28/17 $7,000 neg
Manssive-REDUCED! Muscle Mass Smooth And Sassy R 3 C T Jun 28/17 $30,000 US
Maserati Seelster Sold Artistic Fella M T Freedom R 6 G P Jun 28/17 $10,000 US
On Cruise Control Yankee Cruiser Maewest Hanover R 3 G P Jun 28/17 $24,000 US
Reidiohead Cheyenne Rei Memorable Place R 3 G P Jun 28/17 $10,000 US
Desire Again Dragon Again Eternal Desire R 4 M P Jun 28/17 $15,000 US
Ebonys Merlot Western Sakra S F Ebony R 4 M P Jun 28/17 $6,500 US
Groomed Sold Bettors Delight Bridesmaid Hanover R 3 G P Jun 27/17 $9,000
Two Hand Tough Sold Artistic Fella Alamode R 3 G P Jun 27/17 contact
Gym Class Star Sold Classic Card Shark Ima Early Riser R 4 M P Jun 26/17 $11,000 HST inc
Scarlet Safari Sold Articulator Kona Queen R 4 M P Jun 26/17 $4,000 obo
Hes Gone Badder Sold Badlands Hanover Shes Long Gone R 3 G P Jun 26/17 $18,000 +HST
Weslynn Dancer-REDUCED! Deweycheatumnhowe Weslynn Legacy R 3 F T Jun 24/17 $35,000
Sparkle Santanna Blue Chip Gold Not Silver R 4 M P Jun 23/17 $18,000 +HST
Soccer Hanover Dragon Again Shaky Cam Hanover R 3 C P Jun 23/17 $20,000 +HST
One Source Sold Badlands Hanover Hypnotize R 3 C P Jun 23/17 $15,000 +HST
Mega Sportsstar Sold Sportswriter Megastar R 5 M P Jun 23/17 $5,500 obo
Fredericksburg Shadow Play Romance Island R 2 G P Jun 23/17 $15,000 +HST
Full Court Press Shadow Play Leavea Smile R 3 G P Jun 22/17 $18,000 +HST
Astreos Boy Astronomical Armbro Tradition R 5 G P Jun 22/17 $5,500
Seville Kadabra Starcelona R 3 G T Jun 22/17 $50,000
Docs Hoss Sold Cams Eclipse The House Of Pan R 9 G P Jun 22/17 $6,000
Dervish Hanover Sold Western Hanover Deer Valley Miss R 11 G P Jun 22/17 $4,500 +HST
Riverwalk Sold Red River Hanover Supremacy R 11 G P Jun 22/17 $4,500 +HST
Ryans Allstar Sold Ameripan Gigolo Celebrant Hanover R 3 G P Jun 21/17 $18,000
Two Hearted Sold Badlands Hanover Bet On Sis R 3 F P Jun 21/17 $10,000
Sports Cowboy Sold Sportswriter Moving Pictures R 4 H P Jun 21/17 $25,000 +HST
Beach Volley Ball Sportwriter Beach Guest R 3 G P Jun 21/17 $50,000 +HST
Talbot Chanel Mach Three Luck of Michelle R 3 F P Jun 21/17 $50,000 +HST
Andovers Choice Andover Hall Nobody Nos Butme R 4 G T Jun 21/17 $40,000 US
Stonebridge Cadeau Badlands Hanover Stonebridge Gift R 3 F P Jun 20/17 $6,000 +HST
Finish Girl Bolero Master Web Paige R 3 F P Jun 19/17 $5,000 +HST
So Long Sugar Sold Test Flight Solheim R 3 F P Jun 18/17 $4,500 +HST

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