SC Rewind: OJC Picture Parade

Picture Parade
Published: September 23, 2023 10:25 am EDT

In the latest edition of Rewind, Robert Smith has followed up last week's column with a number of old photographs from around 50 years ago. All of the "oldies" involve participants on the Ontario Jockey Club Circuit at that time. They are presented as a quiz for the reading audience. All of the photos may not have actually been taken exactly 50 years ago, but they are representative of that time period within a year or so.

Picture Parade

#1 - Can you identify anyone in this group picture that includes many well known drivers from the 50 years ago time period racing on the Jockey Club circuit? The fellow at the far left was a very long time fixture on the OJC Circuit and the man on the far right was a Rep. for the Rockwood Lions Club, present for this fundraising event.

Picture Parade

#2 - Can you identify this young fellow driving number seven, shown winning a race during Grand Circuit week at Greenwood in 1973?

Picture Parade

#3 - Can you identify this horse and driver that held a track record at this time at one OJC track which was set in 1970? By 1973, his racing career may have ended but his record still stood. The driver was certainly very involved at this time. 

Picture Parade

#4 - Can you identify this horseman, who was at the peak of his career at this period in time and was named "Jockey Club Horseman Of The Year" for 1973? Let us know who he is.

Picture Parade

#5 - Can you identify this "young" fellow on the right, who turned 50 in 1973 and was "Tops" in most categories? Who is he and also who is that man doing the presentation? 

Picture Parade

#6 - Can you identify the driver and anyone else in the photo? This photo was taken following a Stakes win in the 1973 edition of the Alliston Trotting Stakes at Mohawk. It took some stamina to win that event as it was contested at 1-5/16 miles. 

Picture Parade

#7 - Can you identify the gentleman on the left? He was a popular figure in the sport and the fellow on the right along with his wife was a very successful trainer and driver at this time. Who are they?  

Picture Parade

#8 - Can you identify this young horseman on the right that spent most of his Hall of Fame career on the OJC circuit and is shown receiving one of many awards he earned over the years? Who is he and if you recognize the presenter include him as well. 

Picture Parade

#9 - Can you identify this young lad in his driving suit that was indeed pretty young when this was taken? 

Picture Parade

#10 - Can you identify this horseman? He was doing pretty well 50 years ago as an all around horseman.   

Note: Many of the above pictures should be pretty easy to identify, but they are also intended to rekindle memories of what was happening 50 years ago on the O.J.C. circuit. 

Bonus Photo 

Picture Parade

Dave Groombridge representing Carlings Brewery is on the far right as he presides over a trophy presentation at an OJC track. Can you identify all of these well known drivers from a half century or so ago? 

Quote For The Week: "A smile can start a conversation without saying a word." From an unknown source. 

Blast From The Past: Remembering Five Mile Races In Quebec 

Back in the day, part of the annual racing calendar in the Province of Quebec included a number of five mile races at or near the end of the racing season. It seems that horses that did not necessarily fare well in traditional one mile races, did well in the long distance affairs. A horse named Grattan Baker, bred and raised in Manitoba, excelled at the longer distance and won many "five milers " in the years surrounding 1960. This venerable trotter was owned by Elizabeth "Betty" Wallace of Dauphin, Manitoba and trained and driven by her husband Jim Wallace. For many years Grattan Baker held the record for the fastest five mile race time.

Mrs. Wallace passed away in her sleep on August 28th in her native Dauphin, Man. She was 94 at the time of her passing and reportedly still retained all of her faculties and could still recite pedigree information that she had compiled which was her life long avocation. Standardbred Canada extends condolences to her family and appreciated her assistance a few years ago in providing information for a Rewind column entitled "Going The Extra Miles" published on Oct. 27, 2018.

An excerpt from her obituary read "Betty’s legacy will be those people she inspired to reach beyond the stars to be the best they could be".

Jake, Betty & Jim Wallace

Betty and Jim Wallace of Dauphin, Manitoba appear with family favourite Grattan Baker, also known as "Jake". For several years they made the long trip from their home in Manitoba to compete in Quebec's famous five mile races. (Wallace family collection)



Our experts did another great job this week identifying just about everything presented. There was one small exception * see below .

#1 - The group of drivers at Mohawk were (l-r) Bill Galvin OJC Publicity man for many years ( *no one identified him) Ron Waples, Chas. Lawson, Larry Walker, Bill Hicks, Carman Hie , Nelson White, Wm. Wellwood, Ronnie Feagan, Tom Strauss and Bill Troy.
#2 - Winning driver was Larry Walker with Florinda
#3 - Winning driver was John Hayes Sr. with Commander Del. In the background was Lynden Dodger driven by Larry Eaid who I believe just recently passed away.
#4 - Ronnie Feagan
#5 - Keith Waples (right) receiving an award from Jim Lampman
#6 - From left - Herman Borghouts racing journalist, owner Verne Hicks driver Bill Hicks
#7 - "Chappy " on the left presenting an award to Antoinette and Wm. Megens
#8 - Fergie Olver sportscaster on the left presenting to Wm. Wellwood
#9 - Ronnie Waples
#10 - Nelson White with Armbro Nadir
Bonus photo l-r Ken Galbraith, Wes Coke, Keith Waples, Ronnie Feagan and Dave Groombridge presenter .
Thanks folks, you add a lot to each week's Rewind .

I’m interested to read who the fellow on the left is for some reason I want to say Buddy Gilmour. But there’s a few different answers for him

My memory isn't as good as it once was.
1. Ron Waples, Charlie Lawson, Larry Walker, Bill Hicks, Carman Hie, ?, Bill Wellwood, Ron Feagan, Tom Strauss, ?. Ron and Ron were two of my biggest heroes as a kid. I always liked Tommy's feedback after a drive.
4. Ron Feagan. Later in life his brother became a close friend and trainer of our horses. I will always miss Gary.
5. ?, Keith Waples (a class act).
7. ?, ?, and dear old friend Bill Meagans.
9. ?, Ron Waples (the kid with the golden gloves).
Bonus. ?, Wes Coke, Keith Waples, Ron Feagan, ?. man Bill Hicks..Oscar Song and Verne Hicks....the other guy is Herman Bourghouts..spelling may be wrong..sorry..i think he was a Harnees Racing columnist

#2 Reg Gassien
3 John Hayes
4 Ron Feagan
5 Left ? Right Keith Waples
6 Right Ross Curran
7 Left ? Right Bill Megans
8 left? Right Bill Wellwood
9 Ron Waples
Bonus Jack Kopas, Wes Coke, Keith Waples, Ron Feagan

#1 Ronny waples, charlie lossan, Larry walker, bill hicks, Carman high, nelson white, bill wellwood, Ronny faggin, tom strouse, bill troy

#2 Larry walker

#3 commander dell and John haes sr

#4 h a meadowlands and Ronny faggin

#5 Keith waples and Jim lampman

#6 Vern hicks, Oscar song, and bill hicks

#7 bill chappy and Mr and Mrs bill Megan's

#8 fergy Oliver and Bill wellwood

#9 Ronnie waples

#10 ambro nadder and nelson white

Bonus: Kenny Galbreath, Wes Coke, Keith waples, and Ronny faggin

Ron Waples, Chas. Lawson, Larry Walker, Bill Hicks, Carman Hie, Nelson White, Bill Wellwood, Ron Feagan, Tom Strauss, Bill Troy 2 Larry Walker, Joe O'Brien 3. John Hayes Sr. 4. Ron Feagan 5.Jim Lampman, Keith Waples 6. Herman Burroughs, Verne Hicks, Oscar Song, Billy Hicks 7.Cliff Chapman, Antoinette and Bill Meagans 8. Fergie Olver ,Bill Wellwood 9. Young but AWESOME Ron Waples 10. Nels White, Armbro Nadir 11. Mac Galbraith, Wes Coke, Keith Waples, Ron Feagan, Dave Groombridge ?

1. Norm Jones, Tom Strauss, Larry Walker are in the group
3. John Hayes, Commander Dell?
4, Ron Feagan, H A Meadowland?
5, Keith Waples, Jim Lampman?
7. Cliff Chapman, Jim Whelan?
8. Bill Wellwood, Fergie Oliver
9. Ron Waples
10. Nelson White
Bonus: Ken Galbraith, Wes Coke, Keith Waples, Ron Feagan

1 Ron Waples Charlie Lawson Larry Walker Bill Hicks Carmen Hie Nelson White Bill Wellwood Ronnie Feagan Tom Strauss Bill Troy
2 Larry Walker
3 Bill Habkirk
4 Ron Feagan
5 Keith Waples
6 Bill Hicks
7Cliff Chapman Bill Megens and wife
8 Bill Wellwood 9 Ron Waples 10 Nelson White
Bonus Photo Harold McKinley Wes Coke Keith Waples Ron Feagan

1)Some are, Larry Walker, Bill Hicks, Bill Carroll, Bill Wellwood,Ron Fragan and Tony Strauss
3) John Hayes Sr and... Strike Out?
4) Ronnie Feagan
5) Jim Lampman and Keith Waples
8) Fergie Oliver and Bill Wellwood
9) Arguably the best driver I've ever seen, Ronnie Waples
Bonus)Ees Coke, Keith Waples, Ron Feagan