Seelster's Faith In Bulldog Hanover Pays Off

Bulldog Hanover in the Meadowlands winner's circle
Published: July 27, 2022 11:15 am EDT

There’s been plenty of Bulldog Hanover hype in recent weeks. The Shadow Play four-year-old has set the harness racing world on fire with his 1:45.4 performance to establish him as the single fastest horse of all-time. That's also welcome news for Standardbred breeders in Ontario.

Co-owner Jack Darling and Brad Grant recently announced that Diamond Creek has purchased an interest in Bulldog Hanover and his future plans will now include a stallion career on Diamond Creek’s roster, while standing in Ontario in partnership with four-time Canadian Breeder of the Year, Seelster Farms. 

“It’s such a privilege to be involved with Bulldog Hanover,” said Ann Straatman, Reproduction Manager at Seelster Farms, in a recent discussion with Shannon 'Sugar' Doyle. “We loved him during his first breeding season and when you look at what he’s done on the racetrack this year, it’s just a dream come true for everyone involved — for both Brad Grant and Jack Darling — what a great story! Jack picked him out and got him to the races and to see him pace in 1:45.4, just incredible! And his groom, John Mallia, can take a bow… This is a big powerful animal and he’s a happy and healthy animal… John deserves a lot of credit in all of this -- he’s kept him safe.”

Bulldog Hanover reportedly served a full limited book during his first year at stud while prepping for his record-setting four-year-old season. He stood for $5,000 CDN in his first season without that world's fastest Standardbred title as part of his resumé.

As for her thoughts on ‘Bulldog’ as a sire, Straatman said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled for those breeders who gave him a shot this season. He was a great horse in 2021 and he came back every bit as strong and now he’s the fastest pacer the world has ever seen.

"Personality-wise he’s very smart and he looks after himself. He loves to do everything and he loves a good banana too — that’s his favourite treat!
”And both Jody [Jamieson] and Dexter [Dunn] have said that he just doesn’t get tired so we’re hoping that he can pass that along...That could be a real game changer in harness racing.”

(With files from WFD)