Value Of Ontario Horse Racing

Published: May 6, 2012 09:59 am EDT

The Ontario Horse Racing Industry is part of a highly competitive global market. The industry contributes 60,000 jobs, $1.1 billion to the provincial government and $2 billion in recurring expenditures – all of which would be lost if the Slots at Racetracks Programs is cancelled in Ontario.

The evening of Monday, April 30, OHRIA and Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) co-sponsored an Industry Information Reception at Queen's Park in Toronto.

Attended by 58 of Ontario's MPPs, plus some staff, the reception provided OHRIA and WEG the opportunity to personally interact with the members. The evening's focus was to educate and inform the MPPs about the business model of the horse racing and breeding industry.

"This open house was an opportunity to have meaningful discussions with several of the MPPs in an environment designed to tell them about the critical contribution horse racing and breeding made to the Provincial economy," said OHRIA President, Sue Leslie, who participated in the event along with other OHRIA Directors and Executives from Woodbine Entertainment Group. "The feedback from the members was very positive and they appreciated receiving accurate data on our industry and how it operates."

In an addition to this video, educational posters were used to illustrate how the industry functions and to initiate open dialogue. Members were provided with a full briefing package to take away to provide visual information on the industry. The high number of MPPs in attendance demonstrates OHRIA's messaging has been effective.

(with files from OHRIA)



An excellent video. My question is why does it take a threat like the provincial government's to get racing involved in campaigns like this? The best defense is a strong offense.

It was a terrific video and with people like Sue Leslie and ohha the battle is not over has long has one soldier is still standing

Great report and video. I love to see both the thoroughbreds and standardbreds "involved. Makes sense to work together for the good of the whole industry. Here in Saskatchewan, I hope the same will be said for the thoroughbreds and standardbreds. Right now I am not confident we are on that track. We need to approach the government as a united group. We must save our whole industry not thoroughbreds alone or standarbreds alone. And I think it is high time across North America that the 2 breeds start working together with each other, instead of against each other. We are all equals,working in the horse race industry, not one better than the other. Lets market ourselves as an industry united.

Thank you OHRIA and WEG for sharing the video with people frequenting the SC site. I thought the video was well produced, informative and featured clips capturing a good cross-section of the Ontario Horse Racing Industry. Bravo.

This is an excellent video which carries a great message. Kudo's to WEG and OHRIA for making all of this information available and packaged in a way that is easy to follow by those who have made the devastating policy directives we currently face. We all need to continue to shine light on just how wrong the decisions of the Liberal Government and the OLG are.

Darryl MacArthur

This was an awesome initiative. Well done OHRIA and Sue Leslie. The story doesn't mention if the Premier or the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Agriculture or the CEO of the OLG were present. I'm going to take a wild guess and say.....not likely.
Let's keep at them...perhaps some will show up at the Mother's Day Open Houses, another first rate iniative.

Excellent video. Hope others in the province see it to be educated rather than brainwashed by Duncan and McGuinty.