Ontario NDP To Support Budget

Published: May 21, 2013 03:56 pm EDT

On Tuesday, May 21, Ontario New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath announced that her party will support the Ontario Liberal Party's provincial budget, thus averting an election.

According to a report by the CBC, Horwath made the announcement during a news conference at Queen's Park.

“We are prepared to support this budget within a process that ensures the financial accountability office legislation is passed into law early this fall," the CBC quoted Horwath as saying. "We will pass this budget based on the commitments this government has made and we will remain vigilant to ensure their promises are kept.”

(With files from the CBC)

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Ms.Horwath is only grandstanding by pretending to be the `savior` of the Province when in fact, she is prolonging the agony and allowing the Liberals to add to the deficit. Being self serving, she will continue to prop up the Liberals until the next election becomes mandatory. However, there is an inherent risk to her ill-conceived strategy in not forcing an election. The NDP may get lost in the political shuffle as the other two parties gain in popularity before the next election. They will be regarded as a party, sympathetic to the Liberals and who failed to do, what they were elected for. That is..... take a stand and be counted. Consequently, she risks leading the party into oblivion. Ontario is in the biggest political mess in it`s entire history. We have gone from being the most prosperous province to a `have not` province. We are in debt up to our ears with no relief in sight. The policies that are being initiated are killing jobs rather than creating them. Furthermore, we are in a still bigger conundrum. Hudak is not the right leader for the PC`s (he`s already proving that), the Liberals can`t be trusted and Horwath is a write-off. GOD HELP US ALL!!!

Dwight Duncan commented on his twitter account (reported on CBC today) that Andrea Horwath could not be trusted, and if you shake hands with her, you'd better count your fingers! Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

We in the horse racing industry have been pushing for an election and a change in government but what we got in the changing of the guards (McGuinty, Duncan and Godfrey) might, in the long run, be so much better. Even though we are getting good support from some of the NDP and Conservative members (thank you to them), their party leaders haven't come right out and stated what they will do for racing. Hudak suggests privatization which doesn't necessarily mean a fix. Horwath doesn't commit to anything but has an abundance of platitudes. Wynne has stated that the integration of horse racing into the modernized OLG plan was a bone on contention between her and Godfrey so we are obviously on her radar. We have some negotiating power and, hopefully, the right representatives from our industry -- not just the government-appointed panel-- are talking sense to Premier Wynne. We need to make the most of any leverage that we have and hope we are not disappointed yet again. I'm as angry with the Liberals and their screw-ups as anyone but would we do any better with either of the other two parties? I'm not so sure. "Better the devil that you know than the devil that you don't know"???

What a joke.
She pulled the same stunt as
she did with the other budget
trying to come out like the
hero. I have lost all faith
in the NDP!!!!

There was absolutely zero chance that this was going to play out any other way...the NDP do not have the finances for an election right now, and they don't have much of a chance of significantly improving their lot - holding the balance of power gives them the best chance to steadily improve their status for the next election...Hudak is making a lot of noise, but the chances of him winning a majority right now are almost zilch. The sad reality is that the best chance for any positive changes right now are with the minority government we have been dealt. Sad - but reality.

The only group that is in a position to have an election are the conservatives. The NDP are in no position financially to have an election. So why would they go to the polls just to have the conservatives take over. The NDP asked for some concessions in the budget and got them because the Liberals know that it will be the conservatives by a "landslide" (nice racehorse). Hudak is no better when putting his foot in his mouth by using Godfrey and integrity in the same sentence. While I despise the fact that Horwath is keeping such a low profile, somewhere in my political heart I believe the NDP will have the ability to sway the Liberals into doing more for the working class. Either way the NDP are the wildcard to help save racing while working with the Liberals. "Sharing is caring" is what my children always say. If the Liberals want to register on the radar in the next election they will have to win back votes. The will do this by giving back to the people. The horse people have to make sure their voice is the one that is heard.

According to the NDP website www.yoursayontario.ca the Liberals "are choosing to drive up the deficit and are threatening front line care." Further, the Liberals "have taken no responsibility for wasting billions at eHealth, ORNGE and the cancelled gas plants." And yet, Ms. Horwath has chosen to support this budget and those responsible for the above-mentioned mismanagement. Ms. Horwath obviously likes playing Queen For A Day and did not want to trigger an election for fear of losing NDP seats. But I suggest she may have miscalculated. The Liberals have outmanouvered the other two parties at every turn and, now that she has some time I expect that the popularity of Kathleen Wynne will only continue to rise. She has apologised for the gas plant fiasco, she is attempting to mend fences with the doctors, the teachers and the horsemen and she has fired Paul Godfrey.

Once again the NDP had the power and didn't know what to do with it.

The NDP cannot afford a election right now & they know they would likely be insignificant in the next government....

No need to be disappointed, they only power NDP will ever see is the power they have now supporting a bubbling government.

Have they promised to support racing in a better manner then it is now, because if they haven't we will all be bankrupt or out of the business on welfare? Either way the government has made a real mess of things and should be defeated. I am very disappointed in the NDP.