OHRIA: NDP, PCs Cooperate To Pass Horse Racing Motion

Published: March 19, 2013 07:56 pm EDT

The Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association is pleased to announce that the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party are again working together in the Legislature to support Ontario’s horse racing and breeding industry.

OHRIA has been working closely with both parties on MPP Taras Natyshak’s motion that calls for the extension of the Slots at Racetracks Program beyond the March 31, 2013 deadline and for referendums to be held before new casinos are built in Ontario.

The text of Natyshak's motion is as follows:

That, in the opinion of this House, the following principles should be immediately applied to the Province's gaming policy:

1) Implementation of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's transformation of gaming strategy be suspended until after the 2014 Ontario municipal elections in order to allow municipalities wanting to be a host site for a casino to undertake a referendum on the issue on the 2014 ballot;

2) A panel, composed of representatives nominated by the three recognized parties, be tasked with hearing from stakeholders and drafting fair spending limits for parties taking part in the referendum on casinos;

3) Changes to the Slots at the Racetracks partnership be frozen, in order to enable the horseracing industry to continue to operate while the government engages the industry in a robust consultation with the goal of ensuring its survival, stability and growth; and

4) Current funds from unclaimed purses due to racetrack closures be made available to local or community race tracks. Filed March 18, 2013.

PC MPP Monte McNaughton has traded dates with NDP MPP Taras Natyshak to ensure Natyshak’s motion will be debated and voted on prior to March 31, 2013.

On behalf of OHRIA, Sue Leslie has expressed the industry’s appreciation that the NDP and PCs are working together to protect the industry.

“We worked hard to ensure the NDP voted to support MPP McNaughton’s private Member’s bill in the last legislative session and are pleased to see the PCs are willing to work with the NDP to support MPP Natyshak’s motion now. Our industry is in crisis and needs all elected officials to work together to ensure our industry has a future in Ontario,” Leslie said.

Ontario’s Horse Racing Industry Association continues to work with all parties to address the urgent issues facing the horse racing and breeding industry in Ontario.

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Ha everone the more i hear i not sure what i can believe. They are working together the NDP & PC party now only the NDP. WHATS UP ? The truth is this motion will let us know who is behind us or who is LIP SERVICE. Tim Hudak & Andrea Horwath we need to know the truth NO LIP SERVICE are you with the Horse Racing Industry,Take of your dancing shoes the party is coming to the end .We need to put our support somewhere ??? 60.000 and lot more

Who has given the OLG so much power!! we really need a government that will put them in their place!! The people of this province really need to stand together and take back what is ours! The OLG has to be told they are not the entity the runs this province. There is so much behind the scenes corruption going on and it's so blatantly thrown in our faces. with a we dont care what you think attitude !! Why are the RCMP not involved in an investigation!!!

Private members bills (motions) can become law, more commonly in minority government situations.

I agree with Mr.Gangle, it's not binding.I know Mr. Natyshak was always behind the racing but where was the NDP when we needed them at the last budget,sitting on the fence not to,I wonder why.

How if Ontario is a Democratic Society, can the Liberals not honour the principal of this motion.If Kathlene Wynne believes in democracy how can she not accept the will of the majority of our MPP's.

If premier Wynne feels it will cause an election she will just prorogue parliament. She learned this tactic from Dalton McGinty. sincerely Bruce T. Winning

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The govt ignores the motion at its peril ..... It has to address the motion or the big picture it represents ....This is something it can do something about having all the various parties involved working for the govt unlike a non confidence vote or asking teachers to accept what they propose. Its up to the govt to react ..... anytime you see a united opposition you have to take notice plus I can hear a rather large lady warming her vocal chords .......

I appreciate that everyone is taking credit for this but let me play devil's advocate. Natyshak and McNaughton among a host of others all made speeches last year. Why didn't they pass this motion before it got to this point? Millions would have been saved in the breeding game. The government was prorogued but that was very late in the year.

Don't get me wrong, I like where this is going. I'm just saying they took their sweet time getting it done. Let's learn this lesson and if anything else comes up in parliament, that needs to be stopped (horse racing or other), get it done right away before the Liberals get far down their merry path. I wouldn't want any other industry to have to go through this.

I'm just waiting to see what Godfrey does next.

Finally, if this motion passes and we get some time, let's not go about our business as usual. Our industry needs lots of work and lots of change. Let's get that going right now.

Georg Leber-ICR Racing

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to contact your MPPs and ask them to support this motion!

Remember something here though. While I support the thrust let's remember this is in essence a MONEY bill and if passed in the Prov. House could bring down the Govt.

In which case a) election and b) previous arrangements re OLG and removing slots revenue would stand !!

The question that needs to be answerred : Is this motion when passed binding on the liberal government. Or do the liberals just ignore it!

Very encouraging. Peterborough had their second round of discussions on moving the casino, so putting on the next ballot where the residence get to decide is democracy. Hopefully this breathes a second chance into horse racing and it might mean the OLG can still move on with new casinos. Today will tell.

It is my understanding the "lease arrangements with the tracks" and the OLG for continued slot operations beyond March 31, 2013 are tentative only and subject to final approval through the Minister of Finance. If this motion passes through the House , I suspect these lease arrangements will remain intact and the horseman will continue to receive a percentage (perhaps not the full 10%) of the revenue from the individual race track slot locations. IMO.

Before we celebrate too much, we have to understand what this means. Of course we are mostly concerned with points 3 and 4. It seems positive but the OLG has already made agreements with some of the tracks. How can this motion change that?

I guess I am hung up on the terms. "Changes to the SARP partnership be frozen" could mean any number of things. We all want it to read that SARP as we know it stands and all the agreements and negotiations that have gone on for the last year are all null and void. I don't think that is correct though.

It's very confusing. The Liberals could interpret this in a number of ways and the debate could go on for a while.

I would love to hear an interview with McNaughton and Natyshak to tell us exactly and hear from the Liberals that they agree.

I watch the parliamentary channel daily so I want to see the vote and hear the debate. Only then will I start to get excited.

Georg Leber-ICR RACING

So now it begins, it will be time for panic at the OLG, if and when this motion passes it could completely destroy the OLG/LIB plan...it should be very interesting to see what the Liberals come out with Before this motion comes to a vote...it's circus time folks....