Wynne Visits The WFD

Published: March 10, 2014 01:34 pm EDT

On Friday, March 7, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made an appearance at the London Farm Show at the Western Fair District.

While fielding questions from local media, Premier Wynne discussed the provincial horse racing industry and her role as Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture and Food.

In regard to the horse racing industry, Wynne said, "We're on track, we're on pace and I'm very optimistic that we'll have a good race season this season."

Wynne’s comments have come via a report by Christina Howorun for CTV News. Howorun also spoke with WFD COO Mike Woods, who said, "There's a sense of optimism from Western Fair's standpoint."

Woods also said that the WFD is anxious to receive more information regarding the integration of the horse racing in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.’s gaming modernization.

"We're also looking for more information on this whole integration piece because that's really going to be another big piece," Woods said.

Wynne stated that the integration is "happening right now” and that “There are discussions going on right now to figure out how the gaming and horse racing industry can support each other, quite frankly."

London Community News also covered Wynne’s appearance at the farm show.

The London Community News piece, written by Craig Gilbert, has quoted Wynne as saying that she is going to hold onto the Agriculture Minister portfolio a “little bit longer” in order to see her initiatives through.

“I’ve said I’m going to hold on to the job a little bit longer because things we’ve started I want to see through, horse racing is good example of that,” Wynne was quoted as saying. “I believe that by being the Minister of Agriculture and Food as well as Premier I’ve changed the profile of the agri-food industry in the discussions around government.”

(With files from CTV News and London Community News)



If there is anyone out there who likes wagering I am up for what will and won't happen: The 5 year "ongoing" Provincial Government " value added" financial support system will provide 20% or less per year of the SARS program to Harness Racing. We can deposit any 6 figure plus amount with a Trustee if you think I am wrong!!

You have to give her credit for one thing, she sure knows how to campaign. Now she's trying to scare us (if she is not re-elected) horse racing integration will not go forward. Do you believe it?

Wynne is doing a GREAT job. So good in fact NOBODY has any race dates 3 weeks from now. Hard to run a business not knowing what or if we are racing 3 weeks from today. Congratulations Premier Wynne, not only have you driven me to raise American bred foals, I am shipping 2 OSS bred race horses to the US tonight. I have supported Ontario racing for >35 years and I have never seen such mismanagement in a all that time. Premier Wynne- you did get your wish of a smaller race industry in Ontario, so small that woodbine can't fill a full card after cutting back to 3 days a week. GREAT JOB !!! Keep it up and just maybe you can be premier for another 3 weeks as well..