Tell TROT Your 2022 Highlight

Standardbred hooves
Published: February 1, 2023 10:35 am EST

In 2020, and again in 2021, when pandemic-induced racing shutdowns had many at an all-time low, at TROT Magazine, we tried to look at the glass as being half full rather than half empty, and we asked you to share with us your happiest, most rewarding moments of the year just past. Dozens of you responded in-kind and our 'Fond Memories' sections of TROT over the past two years proved to be very popular with our readers.

Racing annually supplies us with lots of big moments, and we cover many of them in our 'Canadian Newsmakers' section in the January issue of the magazine, but like we've done for the past two years, now we're asking you to share your own personal 2022 highlights for possible use in TROT. Tell us about the horse, the race and/or the happening that tugged at your heartstrings the most. Tell us about what someone did for you off of the racetrack that helped you out when you needed it most. Horse racing is full of happy, heart-warming, feel good stories and we want to share yours with the masses. Don't be shy -- now's your chance to appear in TROT Magazine. People LOVE hearing the story behind the story, and we love providing just that. 

Tell us your story in the space below (be ready to share a photo or two with us if possible) and check in either your February or March issue of TROT to see if your story got selected. Some of the people that share their stories with us will even be chosen to receive some free TROT swag!

We look forward to sharing your story with the world so please feel free to share it with us.


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