Hill: "The Jugette Cost Us The Breeders Crown"

Published: December 5, 2010 09:11 pm EST

"The filly wasn't over the two heats, we didn't have a long enough spell in between to recover. In the final she was better than she was in the elimination...had she an extra month between races, I think she'd have won the Breeders Crown."

In the most recent episode of Trot Radio, the spotlight shines on Great Britain's Tom Hill, who after 50 years of harness racing ownership is enjoying great success with the likes of 2010 Jugette winner Western Silk. Hill tells Trot Radio's Norm Borg his thoughts on the three-year-old filly, who will be coming back to the races at age four to compete with divisional rival Put On A Show. With one win a piece this past season in head-to-head competition between Western Silk and Put On A Show, Hill is resolute in his opinion that Western Silk is the best filly in the world.

"She's an exceptional filly and with the proper trip there's no horse she can't pace by."

Hill is looking forward to the match-up next year between Put On A Show, Western Silk and the favourite for older pacing mare honours, Dreamfair Eternal.

"Everyone's got to step up from three to four, it's going to be very tough," stated Hill. "Dreamfair Eternal is an exceptional mare, but I think "Silky" is as well. And I think if she can adapt and get a bit stronger I think she's got a shot with any of them."

Hill also gives his thoughts on bringing stallion Art Colony to Ontario in 2011 and how he hopes to improve upon the quality of Ontario's broodmares.

Episode 166 – Owner Tom Hill

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Host: Norm Borg



Mr. Hill stated the the BC loss was "because it was too close to the Juggete thats not an excuse as that is fact!"

Didn't Rock N Roll Heaven win the Crown after his Jug victory? He even had one less day of rest!

Put on a show will get her tail handed to her by many great mares and the same with silk. APs money maker needs to take them all on as well and dont forget about all of bulletproofs great mares.

I like when theres a new player on the scene:)causing more dialog.I have the utmost respect for Dancinwiththestarz and her connections.She's an extremely talented filly.I had a different word for Put on a show's loss to Starz. I called it an annihilation.We must not lose track however that that was the only time she was bested by Starz.

As for the Jugette,you cant suggest we were ducking anyone as we were not even eligible.To tell you the truth,til proven otherwise,the best older mare is Dreamfair Eternal and many others equally as talented.We will have to prove we are worthy .

there are far more than just Put On A Show and Silk for the big pacing mares, look for APs Money Maker to show them all up

If you two owners want to have a match race next year, invite us in on it - Dancinwiththestarz is the current world record holder in the three-year-old pacing filly division - NO FILLY IN THE WORLD has paced faster than her...1:48.4, whipping Putonashow and where was Western Silk for the Mistletoe?? Yeah, we were at the Jugette,too, no Putonashow showed up, and speaking of trainwrecks, ours was number one! We not only went off stride trying to avoid a collision and beat by thirteen lengths on a half-mile track, but recovered to get a strong third and then a second in the final from the five hole when now we hear that our elim winner may have to forfeit. I'd like to hear more on that, Rockandsoul. And, yes, 2011 looks to be a great year in the mare division , but we found out racing Bunny Lake that it's a whole different ballgame against the mares. Bunny lost her first one back after a nineteen win streak as a filly...they ganged up on her and it wasn't pretty. I can't wait for our comeback with Dancin and I, too, hope to see Fancy Filly in there.

Mr Hill you are a class act. Best of Luck to Western Silk next year...and also Ohmygosh Hanover. I cant wait to see the Art Colony yearlings. Harness Racing is lucky to have you as a leading Harness Horse owner...best of luck in the future.

I loved watching both fillies race this year as they are two really good fillies. Not convinced however that either one of them is a Dreamfair Eternal as that mare is truly something special.
Joe Riga

Mr.Hill and Mr Young..be happy you both have excellent horses. Any horse can and will be beat, resulting from being tired, health, the trip, post position etc etc. Many people who have invested in this industry would love to have the horse either of you have. You buy one and no matter what you pay sometimes things do not work out or vice versa it may go better then expected(but not as common as the previous)but if you get the results both of you have you should feel lucky, and be proud.

Mr. Hill you are the one who is boring.No more comments from me after this.Winning elims seldom counts for anything .I should know, we have won virtually every elim we have raced in.Where did you finish in the elim in the Fan hanover?In your race Fancy filly had taken 3 weeks off and you were rewarded with a perfect trip.Reality showed up when you got beat 10 in the final.You keep making excuses that going to the Jugette did you in.No one to blame but yourself.To claim that you would have won the breeders crown is owners wishful thinking.5th in the elim and 3rd in the final.It just doesnt add up.Put on a show has finished worse then 2nd one time in her entire life.We raced against the best week after week.You won gold races.I love the Ontario program.But get real the competition is not the same.As for Shows last 2 starts.We have no excuses for lexington.She may have been short.We didnt train her much after winning breeders crown.Guess we just got beat.Chicago well :) if you saw the race you wouldnt even ask.We were lucky we didnt get hurt.Not many fillies have to avoid a collision ,break lose ground then come from 8 back to get beat a length.As for the time,you have made it now quite clear,you may be in this business a long time but you have a lot to learn.


Frankly speaking, I believe when it's all said and done next year, Ticket To Rock will be better than both Put On A Show and Western Silk. Love the back & forth though. This kind of spirited debate is good for the game. Everybody might not be entitled to their own facts, but they sure are entitled to their own opinions.

In reply to by richard young

"and we are still waiting for her to finish the breeders crown".

I am still waiting for Put On A Show to finish the M.Shalee.

"All races where show was far more then prominent"

Who was more prominent in their 2YO BC elim race?

"However her only claim to fame against Show is in early summer when she was able to hold off shows slow 25.3 last quarter by a diminishing neck on her own turf."

From Post 8 at Mohawk while put on a show had the inside chosen post #5. Do a lot of horses win at Mohawk from post 8?

"At no time have I ever made any attempt to belittle Silk,I only stated the obvious.There are no statistics to back up Western silk as being superior.She's won less money, less races and less major stakes."

Who showed up from Post #8 when...$666,000 was on the line?

"Maybe a list of excuses for all her races"

....29 Life Time Starts for Western Silk, $1.37 Million in earnings from 29 Life Time Starts, 1:50.1 Life Time Mark.... Congrats Mr. Hill!

Dear Richard i thought we had finnished here but it seems i throw a dog a bone and it keeps coming back, Might have took you two days but better late then never hey, I love how you pick and choose facts, But forget to mention that at 2 Western Silk won numerous Gold finals, & correct me if i am wrong but i thought she won her elim in the crown passing Fancy filly in the stretch! But personally i believe a horse matures at three as that is when the real horse shows through!

Which is like i said earlier when Western Silk Beat your horse Put on a show and had we not sent Western Silk to the Jugette for personal reasons and Winning, instead to the Breeders crown i wonder if you would still be so outspoken! As the facts speak for themselves the Breeders Crown was to close to the Jugette after winning the Elim & Final then expecting to win the crown aswell not enough rest time, But you then have to bear in mind that Western Silk did come from the 8 hole, four lengths of on the stretch, and put on a show only managed to win by a length on the wire not so great a win considering the main horse Western Silk had just done so much!

Now let me ask you question about Put on a show as i only want to ask you one thing! What has happened to Put on a show since the Breeders crown? as if i am not mistaken
has she not raced twice and lost twice and i believe one of the races only went 1.53

Finaly Richard you are boring me and i have better things to do with my time then keep fending and proving to you! "Western Silks record speaks for itself" no excuses needed !
only sensible thing i agree with you on is its time for both of us to stop leaving comments!

Ps. but please feel free to answer what has happened to Put on a show since the crown!


:) Lisa, if you didnt have such a close relationship to Western silk, Id take your comments more seriously.Western silk is a really nice filly,maybe even a great one.A matter of fact,according to the owner,she's the best filly on the planet.Im sure that whenever she had a bad race,there was a legitimate excuse for ALL of them.

At no time have I ever made any attempt to belittle Silk,I only stated the obvious.There are no statistics to back up Western silk as being superior.She's won less money, less races and less major stakes.She's won exactly one stake race outside of Ontario.Correct me if im mistaken, is it not Put on a show who is the richest filly of all time ? As a 2 yr old Silk hardly ever even showed up in the major races finishing well back in the Eternal camnation ,not even making the Shes a great lady final and we are still waiting for her to finish the breeders crown.All races where show was far more then prominent.

As a 3yr old Silk has proved she is one of the best.However her only claim to fame against Show is in early summer when she was able to hold off shows slow 25.3 last quarter by a diminishing neck on her own turf.Hardly enough for Mr.Hills claim to be the best on the planet.She was lucky to even make the 3yr old breeders crown final getting in by money earnings and not performance.Its time to end this ,we can review it in a few months if BOTH fillies show they are worthy. Why do I feel Mr.Hill will deem it necessary to comment again ? Maybe a list of excuses for all her races ? lol

i love how richard young is trying to take credit away from silk.. she was parked past the quarter in 26.2 before she made front. not bad for a horse that never goes to the front, she showed alot of guts to race the way she did!! put on a show was taken off the gate and was looking for that perfect trip and it didnt work out for her, she should have been charging at the wire seeing as silk did all the road work. plus you are trying to discount her for being ontario sired,what a joke....

In reply to by richard young

Obviously counting is not your vocation as you seem to have difficulty counting past one. Western Silk raced twice and won twice at the Jugette, both in the U.S.A. the only time time Western Silk didn't win in the U.S.A. was at the Breeders Crown, because it was too close to the Juggete thats not an excuse as that is fact! As for swearing the only time I swear is when its deserved. And for instigating anything I voiced my opinion as was asked! You have tried to belittle as best you can, but failed.

Merry Christmas to all,


mr. smith if you think she is gonna be drawing away you had better get her some crayons... And silk beat fancy filly too..more than once...

We can talk about such things if BOTH mares prove they are worthy. Western Silk has won a grand total of 1 race outside of Ontario. And I dont talk to people who swear as freely as you do, better to walk away. No doubt you will want the last word since you instigated this with your comments after the Jugette and then even after losing the Breeders Crown.

In reply to Richard Young I find your comments Laughable, As for Western Silk i do regard her as put on a shows superior! Which is why if I am reading you correctly I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is as I and Western Silk have nothing to fear! But as for amusing, I will tell you what I find amusing looking back when you met me at the Harrisburg sale you tried to make a sarcastic comment, but when I replied to you, you ran off faster then your own horse!



Let's go. I say Mohawk, each guy puts down $50k, Track puts down $100k, 25% goes to charity, we drum it up, create some publicity and have ourselves a party... then Put On A Show wins in 48, drawing away! ;)

When Mr Hill made those boastful comments after winning the Jugette, the one that said Western Silk was the best on the planet and will prove it in the Breeders Crown, I just smiled. It just made the victory that much sweeter. I didn't feel compelled to defend Show. There was nothing to defend. Funny how he wishes to defend Western Silks victory by claiming she was sick. I never doubted she may not have been at the top of her game but just the bare fact he feels he needs to defend a win is downright amusing. It shows an underlying fear that Show is better.

I kinda liked Mr Robinski's comment about putting his money where his mouth is. However I'd love to race the filly most thought of as Shows equal. I hope Fancy Filly makes it back.

I feel I have been forced to respond to Richard Youngs comments! When Western Silk beat Put on a show in the Fan Hanover she was a sick horse! So passing her after the wire was no great achievement. Western Silk never ducked any races, she went where the money was for Ontario sired horses, she went to Ohio and won both races in the Jugette after the Breeders crown she won three in a row, Elim, Final and super final of the Golds! How many did put on a show win after the crown? As an owner of Western Silk I am entitled to voice my opinion and beliefs.

Western Silk doesn`t need any excuses her record speaks for itself! And it is a matter of fact that Western Silk was sick in the Fan Hanover this can be independently verified by the vet if necessary.

The "talk" by Mr Hill and Mr.Young is the stuff of past day owner challenges which led to exciting match races. Now if the owners would put up X dollars and the track added some facter of X dollars, with the winners taking all it could lead to press coverage and the kind of positive exciting publicity Harness Racing desperately needs. So to paraphrase Mr.Young. Let your money do the talking!!::)

Might have got a soft half... but who got their nose on the wire first??? just saying.. Put on a Show beat her once and Silk beat her once. Two real nice fillys. But Tom is entitled to his opinion is he not? Should make for an exciting year next year hope they all come back in top form!!

Not once have I claimed my filly is the best on the planet.I let her do the talking. But lets get real. Western Silk got away with an incredibly soft middle half in the Fan Hanover and Put on a Show was being backed into by a laboring fancy filly who definitely had something wrong. From 8 back we flew home in 25.3 going by western silk just past the wire. Silk stayed home virtually the entire season winning against Ontario breds and we traveled from track to track. When you win you say she's the best and when you lose you have an excuse. In the future let your horse do the talking. Richard Young