Pena Drops Lawsuit

Published: January 26, 2012 07:38 pm EST

According to a report, trainer Lou Pena’s lawsuit against the Meadowlands was dismissed in U.S. District Court on Thursday, January 26


According to an article by John Brennan on, Pena, who had sued to try to eliminate the ban on his racing at the Meadowlands that has been imposed on him by new track operator Jeff Gural, filed a “notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice” on Wednesday.

It’s not immediately clear if Pena decided he couldn’t win the case, or if he and Gural reached some sort of truce. The “without prejudice” phrase means the court merely accepted Pena’s request, not that they had any opinion on the merits.

Brennan asked Gural via email if some sort of settlement had been reached. Gural replied: “It was solely his decision.”



Without prejudice means no decision on the merits of the lawsuit, which can be brought again before the court if Pena so chooses.

It would be nice if PENA and JEFF could resolve their differences. I don't think it is fair if PENA gets tossed with no high reading on his horses. Sort of what you read about in dictator nations.

However, JEFF may have a valid reason for barring him. After PENA was barred at Yonkers, his go to driver (George Brennan) was still winning races in bunches for new trainers.

What does that tell you??? It was the skill of Mr. Brennan, not a juiced horse that made them hit the wire first.

inocent until proven guilty ,let the man race .if any trainer is found guilty of fixing or using banned drugs then bar them for life .