Murphy Launches NB Liberal Leadership Campaign


New Brunswick lawyer, former provincial cabinet minister and standardbred breeder/owner Michael Murphy held a press conference on Thursday, January 5 in which he declared he will be campaigning to become the next leader of the province's Liberal party.

An article by the CBC has explained that Murphy, who a few years ago helped establish Horse Racing New Brunswick, is the first high-profile candidate to officially enter the province's Liberal leadership race.

Murphy's push is the second time he has had the NB Liberal party's top spot, as he also vied for the helm in 2001 before eventually backing away from his quest to focus on his family, his law practice and complete his Masters degree.

Murphy was also the subject of a feature story in the March 2011 issue of Trot Magazine.

The CBC has quoted the former NB health and justice minister as saying, "I have suffered some mighty blows, but I always say that if you elect me as leader of the Liberal Party I'll promise you that this time I'll continue to fight, and fight and fight."

Murphy appeared on CBC Radio's Information Morning Frederiction on Friday morning, and the audio podcast from CBC is available below.

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(With files from the CBC)


This has got to be good news for New Brunswick horsemen, and makes it pretty clear who they need to put their support behind. The only way harness racing will survive any longer is to get a guy like Murphy, who has a background within the industry, in power.