Hanson: "We Still Have Work To Do"

According to a report, the Jon Hanson-led New Jersey Gaming, Sports and Entertainment Advisory Commission, which constructed the controversial 'Hanson Report,' has been granted another year's term


The news comes according to an article by The Record, which has quoted Hanson as saying, "We still have work to do."

In regard to the Hanson Report, which came very close to ending live horse racing in the state, the article has quoted Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey President Tom Luchento as saying, "We were blindsided. But I think some good came out of it. I don't think they really believed that we could lease the Meadowlands ourselves, but at least they put that language in there. So you could say that we blindsided them by finding a way to do it. I feel very good about everything now, although we will have some trying times until we get the new grandstand open [in 2013]."

(With files from The Record)


With the poor quality of races they are offering, and 2 y.o. events on Sat. night , they will have some VERY trying times. Handle must be way off, Mohawk, Yonkers & Chester are now preferred venues over the M1.

What is a new grandstand going to do for them ? Just crazy 1985 thinking, they need to offer quality, spend some of the investment money on purses, stagger their feed so it doesn't overlap Mk, Ynk, etc. and realize increases will come from AWD's, Simulcasts, and off track betting parlors, it's 2011.