Hardy On Race Date Reduction Vs. Field Quality Debate


"The big thing for us as horsemen is we have to make a living, and the reduction in race days I don't see that it's going to help us...but when you talk about it as a gambler or a horseplayer, you're right - there's gotta be a solution in there, I'm just not sure

we know what that is."

On today's Trot Radio Norm Borg talks to new Ontario Harness Horse Association President Ken Hardy, and the two discuss Hardy's agenda at the helm of OHHA, including his thoughts on the new tiered harness racing structure, purse pooling and race caps set out by the Ontario Racing Commission.

"The feeling of horsemen in general is that there isn't a great understanding of why we need less racing opportunities," said Hardy. "In some cases, possibly there is a spot for reduction with some of the tracks and their ability to have more days are handicapped a little bit so we've dealt with that."

The full interview with Hardy, which also discusses his thoughts on the Racing Development & Sustainability Plan, is available below.

Episode 181 – OHHA President Ken Hardy

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This is one my constant complaint. Isn't harness racing a business? The first objective of a business is to give the customer what they want and that is competitive races, not too many races that are of poor quality.

Yet, the horsemen want to race as much as possible. This is against what the customer wants. Hence they stay away.

Basic economic theory people. The intersection of supply and demand is the most efficient point for pricing. Dare I say we are supplying a lot more than the market can absorb. There is a serious disconnect.

Nice comment about Woodstock on a Saturday afternoon.
You might have had the same 100 people there on a Saturday, however with the new date change scrapping the Saturday card in favor of Friday, Winrac has just reduced the same 100 people to 25 people.