Questions Submitted For OR Webinar

Published: February 10, 2017 01:04 pm EST

On Friday, February 10, the Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario publicly issued a list of questions that it would like answered during Friday afternoon’s OR webinar.

On Thursday, February 9, the Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario issued a response to Ontario Racing’s proposal, which can be viewed by clicking here.

The contents of the Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario release – including the questions – appear below.

Questions from The Horse Peoples' Alliance to OLG/WEG Regarding Letter of Intent

Dear Mr. Cook,

As per your instructions on the opening pages of the Letter of Intent document, please find below questions from the Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario to be answered during the Ontario Racing webinar today. We have added a few questions after reviewing the LOI document.

We have shared these questions with our mailing list, website and also on our social media channels.

1 – Why is there such urgency to create and sign off on agreements that are so definitive to the future of racing in Ontario when there is time to do so in a measured and considered manner through 2019, and to be extended through 2021, with established funding by the Government of Ontario?

2 – Did OR engage independent legal counsel to review the LOI on behalf of all industry parties and participants including horsepeople, and if so did they seek and receive an opinion as to the LOI?

3 – Has OR ever received, is, or will be receiving any financial support or assistance from either of the parties to the LOI?

4 – Why was a LOI negotiated and drafted before the OR proposal has been fully considered and commented upon by the horse racing industry?

5 – Why was an agreement about the industry negotiated by only one racing industry party with a government funded agency?

6 – Why would the race industry future be determined by arrangements entered into without any full disclosure as to the underlying financial arrangements being disclosed?

7 – Why would the LOI be revealed only several hours before the webinar thereby disallowing others to consult with legal counsel to better understand the LOI when subsequently explained by WEG and OLG counsel?

8 – Why is it assumed that any kind of operating agreement, which the LOI may be, must be drafted only by WEG with a government agency. Does that presuppose that WEG expects to be the controlling race industry leader, and if so why does that have to be the case?

9 – At what point in the history of the Ontario Racing industry was it decided by the horse racing industry inclusive of horsepeople that WEG must determine how the industry will develop and be administered?


10 – Why does the LOI not set out any specifics for the benefit of all horsepeople and breeders?

11 – Why are race industry participants other than racetracks left adrift and in the dark always as to what their future opportunities will be?

12 – Why has the OLG as a government agency failed to recognize that there is significant concern among horsepeople with the loyal control of WEG with dates purses and conditions of racing.

13 – Why does the LOI fail to require a clear obligation that would require all racetracks to operate live racing in order to have slots or other gaming at their premises.

14 – What is the process to determine which horsepeoples group negotiates the single agreements that will cover all Alliance members?

Frank Roth
Horse Peoples' Alliance Chair