Ontario Horse People Launch New Group

Published: October 19, 2016 11:02 am EDT

Horse people from the Quarter Horse, Standardbred and Thoroughbred industries in Ontario have joined together to form the Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario.

The Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario believes that the horse people of Ontario need to empower their advocacy and representation with the government and the racetracks by at last joining together horse people of all breeds to meet their common challenges.

Frank Roth, a Toronto lawyer, has been the organizer of the Alliance. Mr. Roth has represented horse people and horse people's organizations for decades and has a strong understanding of the industry and the concerns of those who have invested their lives and livelihoods to make it great.

The horse people of Ontario, of all breeds, who have for years been "putting on the show" at racetracks across Ontario would benefit enormously from a unified voice." said Roth. "Accordingly, horse people of all breeds must be recognized and be a part of any and all negotiations with both government and racetracks.

"The purpose of this Alliance is not to replace any of the existing organizations, and they must continue to serve fully the interests of their membership. The time has come, however, for the Ontario government to hear directly from the horse people as to the realities they face, and for the racetracks to share decision making and revenue with those who have made the industry world class."

Below are the five principles for which the Alliance stands:

  • Inform the government of Ontario as to the real industry facts from the perspective of horse people as to the difficulties and uncertainties under which they work.

  • Ensure that the government fulfills its obligations toward funding, transparency and accountability within the industry.

  • Empower horse people to be recognized as an essential and necessary element for horse racing equal to the racetracks.

  • Secure a position of equal importance with the racetracks in the decisions as to the nature and conditions of racing.

  • Return to a balanced and fair sharing of the revenues generated or provided to allow for the growth of the Ontario horse population and the incentives to own and train racehorses as once existed.

(with files from The Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario)