EHV-1 Detected At Portland Meadows

Published: January 30, 2018 01:42 pm EST

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has reported that a case of wild type EHV-1 has been detected at the Portland Meadows race track.

A seven-year old Thoroughbred mare developed mild ataxia on January 25. Neither the neuropathogenic or wild type strains of EHV-1 were detected by PCR testing on blood EDTA samples. The EHV-1 neuropathogenic strain was not detected by PCR testing on nasal swab samples, however, the wild type strain was detected.

Portland Meadows race track veterinary authorities have quarantined the index case and high-risk contacts in a barn separate from other horses. Enhanced biosecurity measures have been implemented. The index case is stable and non-febrile. High risk contacts are being closely monitored. To date, there have been no additional sick animals reported.

(Oregon Department of Agriculture)