A New Day For SRF

Published: September 5, 2012 01:24 pm EDT

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation is pleased to announce its horses are settled in their new lease arrangement for care at Walnridge Farm in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. SRF administration continues to operate out of the Hamilton, New Jersey location while the future office space agreement is ironed out.

The support from McCauley’s Feed, and Reynolds Hay and Straw supplying grain for SRF horses since 2007 also continues in its new farm location. “What a tremendous gift this has been and continues to be for us,” said Paula Campbell, SRF president. “Knowing they have their feed buckets full everyday by these great people is a tremendous help; we are so grateful,” added SRF Trustee Judy Bokman.

The New Jersey location is the active area where SRF rests, rehabilitates, and re-trains the horses to saddle in preparation for adoption, being near the hub of racing is helpful. SRF's horses were shipped to the new location along with all the tack, hay racks, remaining hay and grain, jumps, water troughs etc. through the gift and hard work of Princeton Equine Transport and Stern Farms, LLC of Cream Ridge, NJ. The retirees that were offered permanent homes during SRF's dilemma have also settled in at Ron Burke's farm in Pennsylvania, and with Mark Mullen at Fair Winds Farm. The Burkes have the notable 11-year-old gelding All Hall, who earned $612,098. Taking a horse into retire is one of the best gifts the organization can receive.

SRF has 108 other standardbreds they pay board, hay, grain. farrier, veterinary, and other general care for that are located in several other states where the care is more affordable than in NJ. These standardbreds are deemed unadoptable as they are continually passed over by adopters due to age, or injuries.