Jockeys Applaud Whipping Crackdown

Published: September 27, 2011 03:32 pm EDT

Two United Kingdom jockeys have embraced a new rule by the British Horseracing Authority which will see riders penalized for striking their mounts too many times


According to a report by The Daily Mail, the new rule will come in effect October 10. The rule will only allow a rider to use the whip on his or her horse seven times in a thoroughbred race and eight times in a steeplechase race.

Jockeys in violation of the new rule will be handed a five-day suspension, will lose his/her riding fee and will also lose their percentage of purses won in the race. Jockeys that violate the new rule for a second time will then serve a 10-day riding ban.

The Daily Mail report has cited well-known rider Frankie Dettori, who has served suspensions for whipping in the past, as saying that, "These new rules are easy to understand which will help jockeys ride within them."

Dettori was also quoted as saying, "I accept these new rules are in the best interest of our great sport."

"The Professional Jockeys Association has worked closely with the Authority on the BHA review and I hope my colleagues will embrace the proposed changes as they are in the best interest of the sport," said jockey AP McCoy. "I, for one, support the changes."

(With files from The Daily Mail)



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