SC Rewind: Picture Parade

SC Rewind - Picture Parade
Published: September 24, 2022 01:25 pm EDT

This week's Rewind column is the regular monthly edition of 'Picture Parade.'  As is the custom it has a central theme and all of this week's old pictures are from the once mighty metropolitan  Montreal tracks Blue Bonnets and Richelieu Park.  These two world class tracks played host to numerous great races,  driver competitions and other headline events for many decades.  The job at hand is to identify the personalities in each picture and send along your answer with the corresponding number.  If you just like to look and perhaps reminisce, that works as well.  

Picture Parade

#1 - Let's start with an easy one. In this vintage photo you have to name the driver and the horse. 

Picture Parade

#2 - A visiting driver from Italy Gino Borelli (far left),  in Montreal for a special day,  pauses for a chat and a photo with two Montreal regulars plus a judge standing behind.  If you can name them all or at least the two drivers and let us know. 

Picture Parade

#3 - These two chaps start out the race day with a handshake and a "May the best man win" wish to each other before a Labatts competition.

Picture Parade

#4 - Long before the "No Smoking" or "Defense de Fumer" rules were in effect these two guys paused to light up. Who are they? 

Picture Parade

#5 - Who are these two youthful competitors? Tell us who they are. 

Picture Parade

#6 - Looks like the portrait of a driver. Can anyone identify who it might be and also who the two admirers are? 

Picture Parade

#7 - This fellow on the left was so well known at the Montreal tracks that you can't mistake him, or at least I don't think.  

Picture Parade

#8 - Anybody back there? This driver appears to be checking for any nearby competitors as he nears the finish line. Can you identify him? 

Picture Parade

#9 - What track do we have here based on what you see in the background? 

Picture Parade

#10 - This very popular driver raced at both of the featured tracks but "loved" Blue Bonnets the most apparently.  (Harness Horse photo) 

Special Photo 

Who Is It photo question

Can you identify these two well-known individuals, neither involved with harness racing, as they paid a visit to Charlottetown, P.E.I. in 1964. This lady was known to have a great love of horses.  

Quote For The Week: "It always seems impossible until it's done." - Wisdom of Nelson Mandela 



The correct answers to this week's Picture Parade photos are shown below :

# 1 - That was Keith Waples and Strike Out at Blue Bonnets. Thanks to Ron Goddard for pointing out that Keith was wearing the silks of Tom Strauss. I wondered what was happening .
# 2 - L-R -Gino Borelli from Italy , Roger White , Albert Hanna and the paddock judge looking on was Gilbert Bolan.
# 3 - Roger White and Benoit Cote
# 4 - Herve Filion and Jean Paul Morel
# 5 - Serge Bouvrette and Michel Giguere
# 6 - Portrait was Marcel Dostie and next was the "real" Marcel Dostie , next person I am not sure.
# 7 - Gilles Gendron and Andre Marier
# 8 - Pat Crowe and of course Cam Fella
# 9 - Blue Bonnets backstretch
# 10 - Duncan MacTavish as a 21 year old with the horse Oliver Twist
Special Photo was the recently passed Queen Elizabeth II and former Canadian PM Lester Pearson visiting PEI .
Thanks so much for your responses; they are very important. It takes a long time to gather all these pictures and I hope you enjoy seeing them as a glimpse of the past.

1Strike put & Keith waples
2. Roger White, Gilbert Bolen & Albert Hanna
3 Roger white& Benoit cote
4. Hervé Filion & Jean Paul Morel
5 Serge Bouvrette & Michel Giguère
6 Marcel d’ortie & ?
7 Gilles Gendron &Andre Marier
8 Pat Crowe & Cam fella
9 Blue bonnets
10 Duncan Mctavish Queen Elizabeth II & hon. lester B Pearson

I’m surprised that no one knew that along with Elizabeth was Lester Pearson.

Those I remember or recognize 1 Keith Waples Strike Out wearing assistant Tom Strauss colors
2 Roger White, Andre Blouin, Albert Hanna
3 Roger White Benoit Cote 4 Herve Filion
5 Michel Gigeure
6 Marcel Dostie portrait Marcel himself
7 Le Chef Gilles Gendron Andre Marier
8 Pat Crowe Cam Fella
9 Blue Bonnets Raceway Mount Royal
10 Duncan McTavish
Special Photo Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Lester B Pearson

# 2 is Roger White and Albert Hanna
# 5 is Michel Giguere
# 7 is Gilles Gendron and the President of Blue Bonnets , Andre Marier
# 10 is Duncan MacTavish and his horse Oliver Twist
Special Photo is Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Lester B Pearson

Lots of great pictures. BB was a great track. Used to visit it when I went to McGill.
#5 - one of them might be Serge Grise, I think.
The guy with the Queen is Lester Pearson, the Prime Minister of the day.

Number 1 is Keith Waples with Blase Pick or Strike Out. Number 2 In the centre is Roger White the man that bought Silent Majority as a yearly and raced him as a two year old. Roger was killed in an airplane crash in the fall of 1961 going to the Harrisburg sale. On the far right is Albert Hanna the man that could speak 7 languages. Number 3 is Roger White and Ben Cote. Number 5 I am going to J P Morel on the left and Robert Sampson on the right. Number 6 is Marcel Dostie. Number 7 is Gilles Gendron Number 8 is Pat Crowe and Cam Fella Number 9 is Blue Bonnet Raceway. That picture was taken probably around 1960. Number 10 is Duncan McTavish. Special Photo is Queen Elizabeth with the Prime Minister Lester B Pearson . And number 4 is Herve Fillion and Ron Feagan taking a smoke break.

1- Keith Waples and Strike Out
2- Roger White and Percy robillard
3- Roger White and Ben Cote
4- Herve Filion and Ronny Feagan
6- Marcel Dostie
7- Gilles Gendron
8- Pat Crowe and Cam Fella
9- Blue Bonnets raceway
10- Dunc McTavish
Special pic- Queen Elizabeth

#1 Keith Waples and Strike Out
#2 Percy Robillard
#3 Ben Cote
#4 Ross Battin
#7 Gilles Gendron
#8 Pat Crowe and Cam Fella
Special Photo Queen Elizabeth