National Caretaker Appreciation Day Is Back

National Caretaker Appreciation Day 2022
Published: August 4, 2022 10:00 am EDT

National Caretaker Appreciation Day (NCAD) is back and coming to a track near you!

For the past four years, Standardbred Canada (SC), in cooperation with racetracks, associations, industry partners and sponsors across the country, hosted and presented National Caretaker Appreciation Day events, and year after year the event has been extremely well received across the country.

Caretakers are the unsung heroes of harness racing and are critical to the success of any horse in any stable and charged with the responsibility of making sure the horses they care for are happy and healthy, physically and emotionally.

SC is pleased to announce that National Caretaker Appreciation Day will be back at tracks in full force the week of Aug. 29 – Sept. 4. 

Racetrack partners and event dates will be announced on the web next week.

In past years, owners, trainers, drivers, breeders, and other facets of the industry have supported this event, and this year it is important to recognize and show our appreciation for the caretakers who have kept our horses safe and healthy while training and racing. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can say "thank you" to your caretaker, whether they are racing or working at the farm or training centre:

  • Refreshments – drop off coffee and donuts or muffins to the stable.
  • Host a stable BBQ or contribute to a delivered catered lunch.
  • Give them a day off with pay or a bonus.
  • Give them a thank you card along with a gift card.
  • Purchase a win photo for them of one of the horses they care for the next time it wins.

Anyone interested in supporting this program through sponsorship or donations, can reach out to their local participating racetrack or Standardbred Canada’s Program Coordinator Hailey Saunders at [email protected].

If you are posting photos or content for NCAD on social media, remember to use the event hashtags #NCAD2022 and #TheHorseComesFirst.