Tight Driver Race In Que.

Published: August 30, 2010 10:21 am EDT

The race for leading driver on the Quebec regional racing circuit in 2010 went right to the final race


A victory with Chilito Hanover in the 11th and final event at the Ayer's Cliff fair on Saturday pulled Mario Charron back into a tie with Alain Veilleux, who had drawn ahead with a win in Race 7. The pair ended up tied with eight victories apiece over the six summer programs.

Saturday's program also included a tribute to pioneer Quebec horseman Real Bardier, 82.

A leading driver at Richelieu Park in Montreal in the 1950s, Bardier won his first race at Ayer's Cliff in 1941. He once tallied 17 wins on a single day in 1955: eight in Montreal and nine in Trois-Rivieres.

With the regional circuit now concluded, the racing focus in Quebec now becomes Hippodrome de Quebec, which will present the first of 10 cards on September 18. The track will be open for training this Saturday and the first qualifier is set for Tuesday, Sept. 7.

(A Trot Insider exclusive by Paul Delean)