Confederation Cup Under Appeal

Published: August 25, 2010 11:27 am EDT

Trot Insider has learned that the owners of BGs Folly have filed an appeal of the Judges' decisions regarding the winner of the Confederation Cup, Aracache Hanover


According to Mike Wilson, Assistant Manager of Racing for the Ontario Racing Commission, the appeal is based on the Judges' decision on the break in stride at the start by Aracache Hanover as well as driver Doug McNair's urging in the stretch.

The hearing has been set for Wednesday, October 20, 2010.



The race was won by the best horse that day, there was no horse in that race that could have beat Him except for the #7 if He would have a better post position. As far as the start of the race it looked like Mr JJ caused the #1 horse to almost break while trying to get the lead. As far as Mr Robinski's comment, I don't know what race He was watching but again Mr JJ did take His horse to the outside while breaking, didn't lose any ground and came back on with the horse a few times and was in the middle of the pack with the breaking horse when He had no chance of winning the race, I am surprised that the other drivers or the Judges didn't put in an objection on Him even though the poor horse finished last. As far as the lines in each hand goes, this was the first major win for this young Driver and I think He was very excited as He Should have been, He didn't cause any problems in the race, did He ???. Maybe everyone should watch the race again and keep an eye on the #4 horse from start to finish. This is My opinion.

there was a placing back a while ago fo trevor ritchie driven trotter angostura in a stake of first to last due to him taking both lines in one hand what is the difference between that incident and this one??? arachache should be placed back

Aracache Hanover was only off stride for a short skip.
He was vying for the front from an inside spot along with #4?
He gave up ground to the other horse but how are you supposed to give ground to ALL horses. Virtually impossible considering he was off for 1 second.
All the other horses were backing it down and positioning themselves.
There was also really no other horse close to those 2 going to the top.
To say Aracache Hanover did not give ground would be really picky as it did not affect any of those around him. He was on the rail and back on stride.
The driver did not strike Aracache Hanover which would DQ him.
Sure he should not have taken his hand out in celbretory manner to cause a discussion. he has been fined.
Just people being picky.

I think this will be interesting to see the result. The horse was definitely off stride for more than a sixteenth of a mile and did not lost ground. I don't get the urging issue but the break issue is a big oops by the judges.
I don't care if it was a speed break which it probably was. This horse should have been set back.
The only reason I can think of and it isn't a verg good one for not setting this horse back was the fact that he did not interfere with the trailing horse but that also suggests he didn't lose ground on the break.

In a ruling posted August 28, McNair was fined $300 and suspended for five days.

Regardless of who is involved here.....the video says ...#1 did not loose ground ..but actually put lengths on the majority of the field during the break...all except the #4 horse...not sure if this clears the situation...we have video replay..not sure it worked's discouraging to the rest of the field and the betting public...maybe thats why we are in trouble....people come up to me and asked is racing 'fixed'..
We need to be more consistant

This is nothing more than taking a last gasp shot at the big check.
Futile as it will be.
The judges nailed the rulings to perfection.
If this were a purse of $3,800 from a 4,000 claimer at Flammy then we are not even discussing this,
are we?

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The ORC still posts on their website that a driver must keep a line in each hand the entire mile.Mr McNair did not and was not fined. Check the fines and suspensions catagory and you will find a hefty fine to Joe Hudon for the same offense. Same old ,same old, its who you are.

When Mr. Jamiesons horse broke he immediately moved the horse out of potential harms way getting himself parked even though his horse came back on stride almost immediately. When Mr. Mcnairs horse went offstride he stayed where he was.

according to the rules of racing this appeal is just a waist of money.The judges made the correct decision on both was to there discretion that he did not commit interference and the break was not long enough for any other violations... 2nd the whipping rule is very simple if you take your hand off a line and strike the horse you are placed last...if you remove your hand from the lines without striking the horse the horse is not penalized but the driver is in violation and will be fined.

These guys must really be ticked at getting their butts kicked.
The judges got it right, and as for McNair's urging - what urging?
Oh wait - he opened up by five lengths at the wire.

The video wasn't clear enough to make a decision regarding the possibility of an urging rule violation, but it certainly looks to me like the judges made a mistake regarding the break just after the start. To me, it didn't look like Aracache Hanover lost any ground when he broke which would be a violation of the breaking rule.