Hambletonian Day Undercard Set

Published: August 1, 2018 12:28 am EDT

The card supporting Saturday's $1 million Hambletonian at The Meadowlands shapes up to be a blockbuster afternoon of harness racing with nearly $4 million in Grand Circuit stakes featuring the sport's finest.

The $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks fields ten terrific fillies and promises to be the first match-up of the season for last week's elimination winners Manchego and Phaetosive

The John Cashman Memorial drew an overflow field and a dozen will go the route distance of a mile and an eighth with Hannelore Hanover again taking on male rivals. The Dr. John Steele Memorial for mare trotters is a field of nine with Ariana G taking on more accomplished, established older rivals for the first time.

The Sam McKee Memorial for older horse pacers and Lady Liberty for their female counterparts also drew the maximum allowable of twelve including the division leaders McWicked and Shartin N. They'll both go the route distance as well.

The Cane Pace will field nine including the Meadowlands Pace winner Courtly Choice who is a supplement to the race and three from the Tony Alagna barn including American History, Babes Dig Me and Stay Hungry. The companion filly stake known as the Shady Daisy has a solid group of eight including Mistletoe Shalee winner Kissin In The Sand and rival Youaremycandygirl.

Rounding out the "Greatest Day in Trotting" are freshman stakes, the Peter Haughton and Jim Doherty Memorials with ten stars of the future in each.

Below are the fields for the Hambletonian Day undercard stakes:

$96,600 SHADY DAISY (three-year-old filly pace)
1. Believe In Me (David Miller, Brett Pelling), 15-1
2. Youaremycandygirl (Yannick Gingras, Ron Burke), 5-2
3. Dance Blue (Andrew McCarthy, Nancy Johansson), 8-1
4. Kissin In The Sand (Scott Zeron, Nancy Johansson), 2-1
5. Sansovina Hanover (Louis-Philippe Roy, Ron Burke), 10-1
6. I’m Trigger Happy (Corey Callahan, Ross Croghan), 8-1
7. Double A Mint (Matt Kakaley, Ron Burke), 12-1
8. Alexa’s Power (Tim Tetrick, Jim Campbell), 4-1

$422,350 PETER HAUGHTON MEMORIAL (two-year-old colt and gelding trot)
1. White Tiger (Anthony MacDonald, Andrew Harris), 8-1
2. Marseille (Ake Svanstedt, Ake Svanstedt), 15-1
3. Gerry (Tim Tetrick, Marcus Melander), 4-1
4. Trix And Stones (Scott Zeron, Andrew Harris), 15-1
5. Greenshoe (Brian Sears, Marcus Melander), 2-1
6. Don’t Let’em (Yannick Gingras, Jimmy Takter), 6-1
7. Mass Fortune K (Matt Kakaley, Charlie Norris), 12-1
8. Kredit Karma (David Miller, Marcus Melander), 15-1
9. Hudson River (Jimmy Takter, Jimmy Takter), 12-1
10. Green Manalishi S (Brian Sears, Marcus Melander), 5-1

$357,450 JAMES DOHERTY MEMORIAL (two-year-old filly trot)
1. Beautiful Sin (Yannick Gingras, Jimmy Takter), 5-2
2. Hanna Dreamgirl (Tim Tetrick, Linda Toscano), 7-2
3. Special Honor (Andy Miller, Julie Miller), 5-1
4. Swizzle Sticks (Andrew McCarthy, Jim Campbell), 15-1
5. The Ice Dutchess (Yannick Gingras, Jimmy Takter), 8-1
6. Starita (David Miller, Joe Holloway), 9-2
7. Fate Smiled (Andrew McCarthy, Ron Burke), 15-1
8. Jezzys Legacy (Ray Schnittker, Ray Schnittker), 20-1
9. Hanovers Best (Brett Miller, Ron Burke), 12-1
10. Whispering Oaks (Scott Zeron, Jimmy Takter), 15-1

$286,650 JOHN CASHMAN MEMORIAL (Free For All trot)
(1 1/8 miles)
1. Will Take Charge (Tim Tetrick, Jeffrey Gillis), 4-1
2. In Secret (Matt Kakaley, Ron Burke), 15-1
3. Dayson (Matt Kakaley, Ron Burke), 20-1
4. Bills Man (Corey Callahan, John Butenschoen), 10-1
5. International Moni (David Miller, Domenico Cecere), 15-1
6. Lindy The Great (Brian Sears, Domenico Cecere), 20-1
7. I Know My Chip (David Miller, Walter Haynes Jr.), 15-1
8. Marion Marauder (Scott Zeron, Paula Wellwood), 8-1
9. Warrawee Roo (Bob McClure, Luc Blais), 10-1
10. Yes Mickey (Ake Svanstedt, Ake Svanstedt), 30-1
11. JL Cruze (Brett Miller, Eric Ell), 5-1
12. Hannelore Hanover (Yannick Gingras, Ron Burke), 9-5

$281,000 CANE PACE (three-year-old open)
1. Babes Dig Me (Brett Miller, Tony Alagna), 10-1
2. Courtly Choice (David Miller, Blake MacIntosh), 9-5
3. Stay Hungry (Doug McNair, Tony Alagna), 4-1
4. Nutcracker Sweet (Brian Sears, Jimmy Takter), 6-1
5. Grand Teton (Andrew McCarthy, Jimmy Takter), 15-1
6. This Is The Plan (Tim Tetrick, Chris Ryder), 12-1
7. Hayden Hanover (Andy Miller, Julie Miller), 8-1
8. I’m A Big Deal (Scott Zeron, Chris Ryder), 12-1
9. American History (Yannick Gingras, Tony Alagna), 5-1

$260,100 SAM McKEE MEMORIAL (Free For All pace)
(1 1/8 miles)
1. Dealt A Winner (David Miller, Mark Silva), 10-1
2. Funknwaffles (Corey Callahan, John Butenschoen), 20-1
3. All Bets Off (Matt Kakaley, Ron Burke), 10-1
4. Rockin Ron (Louis-Philippe Roy, Ron Burke), 8-1
5. Sicily (Victor Kirby, Wayne Givens), 20-1
6. Western Joe (Scott Zeron, Chris Choate), 5-1
7. Filibuster Hanover (Yannick Gingras, Ron Burke), 10-1
8. Miso Fast (Tim Tetrick, Virgil Morgan Jr.), 4-1
9. Western Fame (Andrew McCarthy, Jimmy Takter), 20-1
10. Check Six (Tim Tetrick, Ron Burke), 30-1
11. Mach It So (David Miller, Jeffrey Bamond Jr.), 20-1
12. McWicked (David Miller, Casie Coleman), 2-1

$154,800 DR. JOHN R. STEELE MEMORIAL (Free For All mare trot)
1. P L Jill (Corey Callahan, Renaldo Morales III), 15-1
2. Broadway Donna (David Miller, Jim Campbell), 4-1
3. Dream Together (Bob McClure, Luc Blais), 15-1
4. Emoticon Hanover (Daniel Dube, Luc Blais), 5-1
5. Caprice Hill (Doug McNair, Tony Alagna), 6-1
6. Ice Attraction (Ake Svanstedt, Ake Svanstedt), 8-1
7. Checkmate Time (Donald DuPont, Marie DuPont), 20-1
8. Celebrity Ruth (Brian Sears, Trond Smedshammer), 8-1
9. Ariana G (Yannick Gingras, Jimmy Takter), 9-5

$197,400 LADY LIBERTY (Free For All mare pace)
(1 1/8 miles)
1. Shartin N (Tim Tetrick, Jim King Jr.), 9-5
2. L A Delight (Yannick Gingras, Nancy Johansson), 5-1
3. Twinkle (Jim Marohn Jr., Ross Croghan), 15-1
4. Pure Country (Brian Sears, Jimmy Takter), 4-1
5. Windsun Glory (Yannick Gingras, Ron Burke), 12-1
6. Safe From Terror (Brett Miller, Virgil Morgan Jr.), 15-1
7. Apple Bottom Jeans (Jason Bartlett, Kevin Switzer), 20-1
8. Caviart Ally (Andrew McCarthy, Noel Daley), 10-1
9. Nike Franco N (Victor Kirby, Jim King Jr.), 20-1
10. Call Me Queen Be (Scott Zeron, Ross Croghan), 20-1
11. Blue Moon Stride (Corey Callahan, Mark Harder), 15-1
12. Inverse Hanover (Brett Miller, Ed Hart), 15-1

(With files from the Meadowlands Racetrack)



Why isn't Lather Up entered in, or supplemented to, the Cane? He qualified last week in 1:48.4 and he hasn't raced for a purse in over a month.