Mid-Race Fight During Homestretch

Published: May 26, 2016 01:24 pm EDT

Passions can run pretty hot during horse races, but that passion clearly boiled over during a recent contest. As a result, one racing participant has been handed a suspension and ordered to attend anger management classes.

As an article by The Paulick Report explains, the incident took place this past Saturday (May 21) at Will Rogers Downs in what was the final race of the track’s meet.

The jockeys involved were Freddy Jose Manrrique-Guerrero (wearing peach silks and aboard Oliver G) and Natalie Turner (wearing green silks and aboard War Chirp).

The two riders were in very close confines off the final turn. A replay of the incident, which appears below, shows Manrrique-Guerrero on the outside. Manrrique-Guerrero has his crop in his left hand and appears to shove Turner in order to make room so he can go to the whip, which he did.

Turner appeared to take exception to the maneuver and the left-handed encouragement. In response, Turner stood up in the irons and appeared to try to whip Manrrique-Guerrero at least twice, although it is tough to see if Turner connected.

The Paulick Report piece states that Manrrique-Guerrero pleaded no contest to his role in the incident. He also waived his right to a hearing in regard to what happened. Manrrique-Guerrero was handed a 30-day suspension and is also required to attend and complete an anger management course.

Turner told The Paulick Report that she cannot comment on the situation at this time due to the fact that the process is still ongoing.

(With files from The Paulick Report)



There sure seems to be more aggression and anger from the inside jockey than the one who received a 30 day suspension. Did the judges watch the same video?

WE should all be careful to not take a few short pictures to make Judgements. We have no idea about previous encounters between the two jockeys!!