Wynne, Godfrey Disagreed On Racing

Published: May 22, 2013 01:19 pm EDT

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has publicly stated two of the reasons why Paul Godfrey was removed as the chair of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, and a difference in how each individual envisioned the future of horse racing in the province played a major role.

“Mr. Godfrey had a fundamentally different take on integrating the horse racing industry and the fairness of the hosting formula across the province,” Wynne told reporters on Tuesday. "I was clear there wouldn’t be any special deals for Toronto.”

It's now clear that there won't be a special deal for Toronto, or any deal for that matter after City Council voted both against casino development in the downtown area in addition to gaming expansion at Woodbine Racetrack. And according to the Toronto Star, that lack of a deal in Toronto doesn't change the government's plan for modernizing gaming throughout the rest of the province.

"The strategy will stand on its own," said Premier Wynne. "The changes were not contingent on a Toronto-based casino."



Jody what you say has some merit, but how long has this been going on, if we are a little skeptic there is good reason. I truly agree that the best thing that could happen did happen Godfrey fired. Myself and a lot of horsemen want to put are faith in ONE government. THIS is her chance, is she smart ?? I will have to watch I gave HUDAK a chance I asked him to take of his DANCING SHOES and he really didn't . Lets see what WYNNE will do this is her chance to win a lot of votes back. ( HOW SMART IS SHE ??? )

@Jody Jamieson - "The good and hardworking people of Ontario deserve better then what weve got so far from this Liberal govt. Its time they do the right thing and help us keep our livelihoods..."
I don't know if you've been following the news, but Kathleen Wynne has just provided the industry with a concrete plan for sustainability and growth. She's gone way beyond what was expected, shown political courage as well as a commitment to the industry's future. She got rid of Godfrey (a Conservative who presided over the attempted murder of the sport). What more do you want?
Perhaps it's time to stop with the partisan rhetoric and antagonism aimed at all things "Liberal", and instead work with the Government instead of biting the hand that just fed you.
Maybe out of spite you'd rather see Hudak become Premier and take your chances that he'll restore the SARP? (at a time when public sentiment is massively against anything that's is perceived to be a "subsidy" to horse racing)
Be careful what you wish for.

Fully Agree with Jody's comment but even though Wynne sat as a voice while McGuinty destroyed Ontario, her actions so far in the gaming have been a shot in the right direction, she realizes mistakes were made and a great start was to fire Paul Godfrey now keep it going integrate horseracing with the OLG in a positive manner alot enough money to allow growth in the industry as well as continueing to increase dates at tracks that show they can cut it. We have a brighter future today than when Dalton & Dwight were steering the buggy.

This govt should take a study on this decision, and realize that the biggest, greatest city in Ontario let alone Canada, doesnt want a casino!!! That should mean that no municipality in this great province will likely want what a casino does to its residents!! They say casinos bring in tourists but that obviously isnt the case with Niagara or windsor casinos, so hopefully this govt can come to some sort of sense, and leave the gaming alone and "literally" incorporate horse racing into the OLG again and have accountability, this time, and keep this province employed for the long term... Any town that expects different than poverty and crime is truly kidding themselves! The good and hardworking people of Ontario deserve better then what weve got so far from this Liberal govt. Its time they do the right thing and help us keep our livelihoods....I think everyone is aware that its a long shot, but this might be an opportunity for Wynne to leave the 'right' legacy as the Premier...