Impasse For Bangor And Mosher

Published: April 8, 2009 03:40 pm EDT

According to a report by the Bangor Daily News, horseman Joey Mosher and officials Bangor Raceway are not on good terms. The situation has reported deteriorated to the point that the local horseman has been barred

from the grounds.

The report states that Mosher, who is approaching a career milestone 1,000th driving victory, has said that the situation stems from an ongoing disagreement with some of the management at Bangor Raceway since bad track conditions and faulty drainage led to the postponement of 13 race dates in April and May last year.

“There’s been something going on between [Bangor Raceway director of operations] Corey [Smith] and myself for the last year,” Mosher was quoted as saying in the article. “It’s about me speaking up for the horsemen. We had one real good argument about the condition of the track and it’s just kind of gone downhill from there.”

Last Wednesday, Mosher was slapped with a criminal trespass warning and was escorted off the property. The report states that Mosher is barred from the premises for one year.

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(With files from Bangor Daily News)