Gural, Tellers To Meet

Published: April 19, 2011 12:34 pm EDT

Jeff Gural today (Tuesday) released an update in regard to the dealings with Local 137, the union representing the Meadowlands Racetrack's mutuel tellers


The lack of a deal between Gural and the tellers' union has resulted in an impasse which could spell the end of live racing at the East Rutherford, New Jersey oval after a mini-meet scheduled to take place later this summer around the Hambletonian.

The contents of Gural's update appear below.

Thanks to the help of some of the Meadowlands major customers who have been talking to the tellers for the last few days, a meeting has been arranged with a representative group of tellers for tomorrow in my attorney’s office. I think that many of the tellers did not understand our offer and hopefully by listening to their issues and clarifying some of ours we can get this process back on track.

I personally met with many of the tellers prior to the vote and I found most of them very supportive and willing to work with us so I am cautiously optimistic.

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OHIP, health care, drug, dental and retirement plans, optical coverage, unemployment insurance, Workmans Compensation, 8hr days, OTpay, vacations, berievement leave. Without the battles of our Unionized forefathers, we'd ALL still be working for $0.50 an hour, with our children beside us from aged-10 forward.

Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY that this guy can (allegedly) raise $100,000,000 to buy the Meadowlands ... then make the deal dependent on CRUSHING the 'WORKING (WO)MEN' at the bottom of the food chain???