Dutrow Denied KY Training License

Published: April 13, 2011 01:10 pm EDT

According to a report, controversial thoroughbred trainer Rick Dutrow has been denied a license to train horses in the state of Kentucky


An article by the Daily Racing Form explains the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Licensing Review Committee today decided against renewing Dutrow's license after meeting with the conditioner for more than one hour.

The report states that Dutrow represented himself before the committee, which ultimately rejected his license application unanimously.

The committee cited misrepresentations on Dutrow's application, “conduct against the best interest of racing,” and five other sections of Kentucky racing law before dismissing it.

(With files from the Daily Racing Form)

After word of the ruling came out, the KHRC issued a press release in regard to the decision.

The contents of the KHRC release appears below.

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission License Review Committee denies
license application for trainer Rick Dutrow

The License Review Committee of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) today refused to grant a license to Richard E. Dutrow, Jr., to train horses in Kentucky in 2011. The committee met with Dutrow for about an hour before deliberating and then issuing its unanimous decision.

The committee cited the Kentucky Administrative Regulation that deals with license denial, revocation or suspension. Specifically, the committee referred to the following as reasons to deny the application:

810 KAR 1:025 Section 14 (1)

(a) The public interest, for the purpose of maintaining proper control over horse racing meetings or pari-mutuel wagering, may be adversely affected if the license is issued;

(d) The licensee or applicant has had a license issued by the legally constituted racing or gaming commission of a state, province, or country denied, suspended, or revoked;

(e) The licensee or applicant has had a license issued by the Commonwealth revoked, suspended, or denied;

(g) The licensee or applicant has made a material misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of information in an application for a license;

(j) The licensee or applicant has perpetrated or attempted to perpetrate a fraud or misrepresentation in connection with the racing or breeding of a horse or pari-mutuel wagering;

(q) The licensee or applicant has engaged in conduct that is against the best interest of horse racing, or compromises the integrity of operations at a track, training facility, or satellite facility.

"We have a duty to protect the betting public, owners, jockeys and others involved in Kentucky's signature industry," said Lisa E. Underwood, executive director of KHRC. "Unfortunately, Mr. Dutrow has shown a consistent disregard for the rules of racing."

Dutrow can appeal the committee's decision to the full commission.

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