Essex, Mayors Against Liberal Stance

Published: March 8, 2012 02:05 pm EST

To nobody's surprise, more politicians are coming out and publicly stating that the Ontario Liberals' idea of tinkering with the overly-successful slots-at-racetracks program is a very bad one


An article by the CBC has explained that Essex County Council has officially thrown its support behind the Ontario horse-racing industry in its fight against the possibility of cuts to the program.

It has also stated that a few mayors have decided to officially let their feelings be known.

"With Leamington, our fair board there houses a number of horses, and we've got trainers coming down that are using our track in town. It's a stimulus for Leamington," Leamington Mayor John Paterson was quoted as saying.

LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya also gave his two cents, stating, "There are a couple facilities in LaSalle that will be gravely impacted by [a change to the program]," and that "Certainly, anything that's going to affect our residents we have to be concerned about."

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