Who's A Good Boy?

Tripper and JP Jetty
Published: March 27, 2022 11:15 am EDT

There are many horses that have been referred to as well-mannered, but three-year-old pacing colt JP Jetty has gone viral for his rapport with a bold 10-month-old Corgi in California.

Kim Schneider recently captured this footage of Tripper the Corgi leading her sophomore pacing colt from one barn to another at Cal Expo. The video was since purchased and has been shared on multiple media platforms.

"It started with [Tripper] wanting to play tug of war with the lead rope, which turned into me letting him lead me around," Schneider told Trot Insider. "Then with my own horse Twister (a/k/a Secret Chord) being as gentle as he is I started to let go and see if Tripper would keep leading him on his own. He did! And now he will lead any horse you let him. 

"I let him lead [JP] Jetty because he is such a gentle, quiet minded horse. All of our horses are careful with Tripper and Tripper has grown up with them all so he is very comfortable around them."

How comfortable? The video above was captured by Schneider spontaneously with no warning or rehearsal.

"I gave him the rope and ran up ahead so I could film it. I love sharing things on my Facebook that will make people smile and it's hard to see that and not smile."