Suspended Waxman Granted Stay

Published: February 4, 2011 06:36 pm EST

After being hit with an indefinite suspension on Thursday, horseman Isaac Waxman has been granted temporary relief by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice


The Ontario Racing Commission suspended Waxman for "egregious conduct" that transpired after Jinglejanglejingle won Race 6 at Kawartha Downs on Thursday. According to the ORC ruling, it was Waxman's sixth conduct violation since February 2010.

In a court ruling dated Friday, February 4, Waxman was granted a stay which allows his horses to compete through to the February 17 return court date. That ruling covers Machal Jackson and Caroline Cullen N - both slated for action on Friday's card of harness racing at Woodbine Racetrack, Strand Hanover - in-to-go on Saturday night at Woodbine, and Red Road Returns - entered at Flamboro.



Do I agree with this? Not at all. I do Know Mike Wasslyn and I also know Isaac Waxmen. Both People are good people but as far as someone making a comment to say that Isaac needs to Get his emotions under Control is down right ignorant.

I know 3 people off the top of my head that have worse tempers and do really stupid things and just because they drive 10 races a night on the white Circuit they get off. This needs to stop. I think that anyone that really knows Isaac knows he's a good guy! I say that if they are gonna crack down on him they should crack down on anyone who violates the rules surrounding harness Racing!!!!

I do not know and have never met Mr. Waxman or Mr. Wassilyn, but good on both of them for speaking up /writing in.

For the person who made the comment,about waxman getting a hold on his emotions or he might be on the outside looking in...first and foremost waxman is on the outside looking in, many others have their racing careers determined by the tactics imputed on adverse overseers.i am a first hand testimony of discrimination.;was i really a cheater or was i cheated get the facts,,,lets not make our decisions on hate jealousy control etcetera,but on understandin.furthermore waxman is now tatooed and will never get a catch drive to pursue his dream of driving race horses as a to law firm cc orc

On Thursday my horse Windsun Rachel was scratched at 45 min to post because I was on the race track warming up at 1 hour out. People always warm up and are in the paddock sometimes at 30 min out. Example: Warm up after the 5th race and go to paddock for the 8th, that's 35min. I was through security and had my back pad taken from paddock and on my horse. I have talked to many people who have done exactly as I have and NOT been scratched. Some may say that this was the paddock judge who called but I explained the situation to the Judges and they made the final call.

I hope Mr. Waxman gets control of his emotions or he might be on the outside looking in.

The real question is how many of the conduct violation findings against Isaac are legitimate.