Raises For NYRA Board

Published: December 14, 2010 03:10 pm EST

In the wake of the closure of New York City OTB, more surprises. In a hard-to-understand reaction, New York Racing Association president Charles Hayward announced his board of directors, with the exception of Bennett Liebman, had approved three per cent salary increases for lower level executives and five per cent boosts for the top brass, including a reported raise from $460,000 to $473,800 for


Hayward said the raises were “long overdue,” the last coming three years ago.

Board member John Hendrickson, saying he had voted for the raises reluctantly, added, “You have to pay for talent.” Another director, Charles V. Wait, who was absent for the vote, said he approved the move because they should be made “irrespective of what’s going on with NYC OTB.”

The reaction of media was not as understanding. Its questions concerned timing, as well as prudence, and was blistering up and down the line.

The New York Post issued a blazing editorial, concluding, “NYRA has to cut costs if it wants to survive, not pump up its perks and pay. But hold on. Maybe it just doesn’t want to survive. Fine by us.”

The concern here is not with pay raises, which may be needed. It is how and why smart racing executives could, knowing what press and therefore public reaction would be, ignore the timing of the action.

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AND the hits just keep on coming .... Charles Hayward has just provided us with the quote of the century......"You have to pay for talent" The talent has got you where you are today ......The talent has got 80 year old retirees selling their beach houses in Florida transferring the big book ledgers onto a digital format and renting streetcorner pitches back in Queens and Brooklyn. Flashback is about to become reality on looking back the streetcorner bookie was more organised maybe its a case of bring on back the goodtimes..........