Western Fair Adds Second Win-4, Drops Takeout

Published: November 1, 2010 04:08 pm EDT

Western Fair Raceway today announced the addition of a second Win-4 to its wagering menu with a significant reduction in takeout to 15 per cent


Beginning Friday, November 5, both of the track’s Win-4 wagers will be offered with the reduced takeout. The track also announced the addition of a late double to complement the late Win-4.

“We are always looking at ways to better serve our horseplayers, and we realize that pricing has become an important issue,” said Western Fair’s Racing and Gaming Manager Ian Fleming.

“We are not really in a position to do a large guarantee on something like our Win-4, so we felt this was a good fit. Customers have asked for a second Win-4 which we’ve also added to our daily wagering profile.”

(Western Fair)



While its great that Western Fair is offering a bet with a reasonable takeout (Unlike their other exotics). The last thing that is needed is to add another type of wager to a track that can barely get a pool over $3,000. How do they expect any serious players with those small pools.

You said it Dante - I'll show my appreciation by having a go, and if others that are sick of the 28% BS follow suit, the pool should be decent. Hope HPI doesn't meddle with it by adding a 13% surcharge or something crazy.

Just got a program, and I'm ready to bet on Western Fair races. I suggest that all of you griping about the high take outs follow suit to send the industry a message. I know 15% is still high, but we have to show that we appreciate them going in the right direction.Thanks for listening, London!

Yeah, alright! Now you're talking. Let's have some WF action tonight so, fellas! :) Great development for one of my favourite small tracks to play.