Winbak Farm's Harrisburg Videos Available

Published: October 28, 2022 07:08 pm EDT

Winbak Farm has posted videos for the yearlings the farm is selling at Harrisburg next month.

Winbak Farm has consigned 93 yearlings to the Harrisburg Yearling Sale (Nov. 7-9), and 16 yearlings to the Harrisburg Mixed Sale on November 10.

The lineup will be available for viewing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex starting on November 5. Winbak Farm’s Mixed Sale yearlings will be available for preview starting on Thursday, November 9.

Winbak Farm’s yearling videos for the Harrisburg Yearling Sale are now posted. Please visit and click on an individual yearling’s hip number to watch their video.

Winbak Farm is proud to introduce first-crop yearlings from Courtly Choice, Jimmy Freight, McWicked, Six Pack and Stag Party. This is also the first North American crop from The Bank.

The lineup’s highlights include #141, Bridge Of Love, a full-sister to Covered Bridge, p, 1:48.3 ($597,105), and #272, Desperate Dream, a half-sister to 2021 O’Brien Horse Of The Year Award Winner, Desperate Man, p, 3, 1:49.3s -'21 ($1,125,761).

Be sure to pre-register for online bidding. The sale will offer online bidding at

Winbak Farm’s 2022 Harrisburg Yearling Sale Lineup

New Jersey Pacing Yearlings

  • Lazarus N: 1 Colt

New Jersey Trotting Yearlings

  • Six Pack*: 1 Filly
  • Trixton: 1 Colt

New York Pacing Yearlings

  • American Ideal: 4 Colts / 7 Fillies
  • Boston Red Rocks: 1 Filly
  • Courtly Choice*: 3 Colts / 1 Ridgling / 11 Fillies
  • Roll With Joe: 3 Colts / 5 Fillies

New York Trotting Yearlings

  • Chapter Seven: 1 Colt
  • Conway Hall: 1 Colt
  • E L Titan: 1 Filly
  • Mets Hall: 2 Fillies

Ontario Pacing Yearlings

  • Betterthancheddar: 2 Fillies
  • Bettors Delight: 3 Colts / 2 Fillies
  • Jimmy Freight*: 1 Colt
  • McWicked*: 5 Colts / 3 Fillies
  • Shadow Play: 5 Fillies
  • Sportswriter: 2 Colts
  • Stag Party*: 3 Colts / 1 Filly

Ontario Trotting Yearlings

  • Archangel: 1 Filly
  • Muscle Mass: 1 Colt
  • Resolve: 1 Filly
  • The Bank**: 3 Colts / 1 Filly

Pennsylvania Pacing Yearlings

  • Betting Line: 1 Colt
  • Heston Blue Chip: 2 Fillies

Pennsylvania Trotting Yearlings

  • Bar Hopping: 1 Colt / 1 Filly
  • Cantab Hall: 3 Colts / 1 Filly
  • International Moni: 3 Colts / 4 Fillies

*First Crop from Sire
**First North American Crop from Sire

Winbak Farm has been Delaware’s leading breeder since 2004. In 2021, for all Delaware-Sired yearlings, there are 52 pacing colts/geldings and 51 pacing fillies. Very few Delaware-Sired yearlings are offered for sale each year, Winbak Farm will be selling nine at the Harrisburg Mixed Sale.

Highlights for the yearling lineup include: #951, Ashlees Forty, a Badlands Hanover half-sister to Handsoffmycupcake, p, 2, 1:52.1f ($610,795), and #963, Curtsyforpurrseco, a Roddys Bags Again full-sister to Purrfect Bags, p, 3, 1:51.2h ($675,489).

Please visit and click on a yearling’s hip number to watch Harrisburg Mixed Sale yearling videos.

Be sure to pre-register for online bidding. The sale will offer online bidding at

Winbak Farm’s 2022 Harrisburg Mixed Sale Lineup

Delaware Pacing Yearlings

  • Badlands Hanover: 1 Colt / 2 Fillies
  • Classic Card Shark: 1 Filly
  • Dream Away: 2 Fillies
  • Roddys Bags Again: 2 Colts / 1 Filly

New Jersey Trotting Yearling

  • Trixton: 1 Filly

New York Pacing Yearling

  • Boston Red Rocks: 1 Filly

Ontario Pacing Yearling

  • Stag Party*: 1 Filly

Pennsylvania Pacing Yearlings

  • Heston Blue Chip: 1 Colt / 3 Fillies

*First Crop from Sire

On Friday, November 11, Winbak Sales Agency will be selling five racehorses. More information on these individuals can be found here at

To preview yearlings at Winbak Farm of Maryland prior to the sale, please call James Ladwig, Yearling Manager, at 410.885.3059 or email him at [email protected]. For questions on racehorses prior to the sale, please call Jeff Fout, Trainer, at 443.945.0507.

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