Virtual Event For 2021 O'Brien Awards

Published: October 27, 2021 10:14 am EDT

Standardbred Canada’s Board of Directors today announced that the 2021 O’Brien Awards Gala will be a virtual event in February.

“The pandemic continues and despite capacity limits being lifted for event venues in Ontario, and a high vaccination rate in the country, there are still many challenges and risks associated with hosting an in-person event. No one knows what could transpire during the winter months, and the Board has the responsibility to exercise extreme caution during these times,” said Bill McLinchey, Chair of Standardbred Canada. “Our staff delivered a first-class virtual event via video stream for the 2020 awards, which over 7,700 people viewed, and we’re confident that the team will present another high-quality event to honour our champions for the 2021 awards.”

Further details about the event will be announced in mid-November.