Meadows Introduces Enhancements

Published: January 4, 2022 10:22 am EST

When Hollywood Casino at The Meadows kicks off its 2022 live season on Wednesday, Jan. 5, it will introduce a number of changes including an improved signal, elimination of post-time “lag” and a new wager that will be a variation on the current Pick 5.

Starting Wednesday, The Meadows will send its simulcast signal to all outlets in high definition (HD).

The track previously switched to HD for in-house patrons, and the update will allow racing fans at all locations around the country, including those viewing at home, to see the signal in high definition. Race Track Network (RTN), part of the Roberts Communication Network, will be the main provider of the signal to all outlets.

Note: With the switch to HD, live Meadows races and same-day replays no longer will be available at the Hollywood Casino at The Meadows website. Viewers can access live races and same-day replays through an Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) platform, such as xpressbet, or by subscribing to Race Track Network. The Meadows website will continue to offer next-day replays.

Post-time lag is a common practice in harness racing, and it long has been a source of frustration for players, who never knew for sure when a race would get off. Starting Wednesday, The Meadows will eliminate that frustration.

As soon as the post time clock changes from “1” to “0,” the starting gate will begin to move from its position on the backstretch near the paddock. It then will roll continuously down the backstretch and through the turn, picking up the horses in the usual spot in front of the toteboard and releasing them on the backstretch.

The TV crew will begin showing the gate car as soon as it moves from its position in front of the paddock, giving bettors a clear view so that they know the race is about to begin.

On the wagering front, The Meadows will introduce a new bet into its daily offerings. The standard Pick 5 will be replaced by a Jackpot wager on races four to eight. After takeout, the remaining pool will be split in the case of multiple winning tickets (or with no winning tickets), with 50 per cent going to the winners and 50 per cent to the jackpot. It will take a single winning ticket to collect the Jackpot.

The Jackpot Pick 5 will be a 20-cent play with 20 per cent takeout.

The Meadows generally will race each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through mid-April, first post 12:45 p.m., with Saturdays scheduled to be added beginning in late April.

(With files from MSOA)