Monmouth Re-bidding To Be Streamlined

Published: January 4, 2012 12:31 pm EST

According to New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck, the process which almost saw Morris Bailey become the lessee of Monmouth Park should streamline the upcoming re-bidding process for the thoroughbred raceway


Senator Beck has commented on the situation in an article by the News Transcript, where she stated that, "There were a number of issues that were brought to the attention of the [New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority] by Mr. Bailey that they ended up negotiating.”

She went on to state that, “All of those things that went through the process of negotiating will be included in the bid. So, you won’t have to backtrack on some of the issues dividing the responsibility between the lessee and the state. Those things will be included in the rebid to hopefully expedite the process.”

The report has also cited Beck as saying that the state's thoroughbred horsemen have ensured that they will not pull their simulcast signal for at least five years.

The NJSEA will continue to operate Monmouth while new lessee is sought. It has been reported that the re-bidding process is expected to take place this month.

(With files from the News Transcript)

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