Support Ontario Horse Racing At Liberal Leadership Convention

Published: January 10, 2013 01:32 pm EST

As the Liberal Party will elect its next leader amid pledges to reconnect with Rural Ontario, Ontario horse racing is urged to show support for the industry at the 2013 Liberal leadership convention.

"With 55,000 lives in the balance, we need to show the newly-elected Premier how important our industry is," said driver Anthony MacDonald. "Everyday 600,000 Ontarians wake up jobless. There is no excuse to make it 655,000.

"This is a great industry full of hard-working people who were confident that their livelihoods were secure, their sons and daughters were going to school and coming home to employed, functioning families. Why put more hard working Ontarians out of work?"

The leadership convention runs from January 25-27 at Ryerson's Mattamy Athletic Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ont.

"We need our government to help us understand why we may all be unemployed on April 1," continued MacDonald. "Show up, show support and join the growing number of Ontarians asking why?"

For more information on how you can get involved, contact Anthony MacDonald.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 519-400-4263
Message on facebook or twitter.



I can't figure out for the life of me why more horse people haven't been signed up to take buses or attend the Liberal Convention gathering that all of racing is asking its members to attend??? If you are reading this right now, ask yourself why, you haven't committed to go to Maple Leaf Gardens and show the Liberal delegates that horse racing is alive and is 'our' lives and that we won't go quietly into the night!!!! Buses are standing by to take everyone there! Buttons and signs and "farmers and Horses before casinos" signs will be handed out. You must show the Liberals that your life is more than just a dollar sign, they need to know that we are an industry that cares about its own survival... Jody

The video kept mentioning January 25th as the date to 'be there' and it is important that we are represented both days but I just want to point out that OPSEU and the OFL have posted their rally is taking place on the 26th. We need to make sure it's organized so that the majority of us show up and are syncronized with the other organizations attending.

Teachers' Unions (plus others in the public service- they are next on the chopping block)have buses ready to go from all over Ontario, lets get organized!
The Foundation of our province (democracy and rural residents)is at stake.

The teachers unions will be there and no doubt the Idle No More will have a presence, to make your voices heard you will need to have these groups rally along side of us and together the Liberals will hear loud and clear the message that their way of Bullying and broken contracts and promises is comming to an end.

A slow drive in to the Gardens, on, what day is planned? Last Chance to get noticed. Bring your horse, they dont seem to know what a horse is.........??!!

What day? What Time? Somebody please organize this and let's get Thoroughbred and Quarter horse people involved as well! Let's show up with big numbers or we will be embarassed!

Come on folks put off whatever you have planned for this day and be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I challenge every trainer to invite everyone that benefits from their operations to the Liberal Leadership Convention. The Hay guy, The feed guy,The Truck Guy, The trailer guy, Your local Grocery store, The Equipment guy, The Vets, Your local beer store and anyone and everyone that have a stake in Horseracing and believe our numbers will be overwhelming. We know we are in the right and it's time to fight for what's right! Cancel races if we need too, It may be our last chance.

Come on horseman and woman now is the time to make some noise we need big numbers to show up for this. Lets all show up and make them talk to us.