Watson Motion In Favour Of RCR?

After having declined the opportunity to fully back Rideau Carleton Raceway during the course of the past week, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson made an interesting announcement on Monday, October 1, just one day before city council meetings and a public information session regarding the possibility of full-blown casino gaming in urban Ottawa.

According to a report by the Ottawa Citizen, Mayor Watson said on Monday that he believes Rideau Carleton Raceway should receive preferential treatment in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.'s process which will ultimately see the local gaming landscape reshaped in the near future, barring any significant changes

The article has also cited Watson as saying that he’d put his support for the racetrack into a formal motion at today's highly-anticipated financial committee meeting. The report goes on to state that if the committee, and eventually the full city council, approve of the principle, the OLG will seek bidders with specific proposals.

The CBC has also assembled an article regarding the situation, which contains quotes from Rideau Carleton Raceway Spokesman Alex Lawryk. In terms of how urban casinos are supposed to re-invigorate cities, the article has quoted Lawryk as saying, "You just have to look at Niagara Falls and Windsor to see what happens with a major casino. You have a lot of businesses boarded up in Windsor and the revitalization of Niagara Falls never did occur as expected."

(With files from the Ottawa Citizen and the CBC)

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He is telling the people what they want to hear to get their approval.Once this passes municipal levels the OLG is free to do whatever they want

smoke and mirrors folks..
just more Liberal lies .. it's a done deal
I emailed all eleven of the members of the "finance and economic committee"
over a week ago and only one replied.

They are going to (as they always do)
just rubber stamp whatever McGuinty wants.

Watson has appointed the entire finance committee and stacked
it with his Liberal bobble heads

I have had an email exchange with Mr. Watson (most likely his office staff) for the past couple of days. There has definitely been a change in the public opinion he is presenting regarding the casino process. He previously stated to me "I have made it clear for some time that if there is to be a casino in Ottawa that a downtown location would be my personal preference." His statement to coucillors in a memo last week regarding holding a referendum on the casino issue had an arrogant air of "let residents vote with their feet" after it was built. His motion being proposed today certainly is not a ringing endorsement for Rideau Carleton.

"1. That the City of Ottawa strongly encourages the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation establish an Request for Proposal process that is fair, transparent, open and competitive and which provides all proponents, including the Rideau Carleton Raceway, an opportunity to compete within a level playing field; and
2. That the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation consider providing an opportunity for the Rideau Carleton Raceway to be pre-qualified to take part in the final bidding process, given their strong record of success in the Ottawa region."

"strongly encourage" and "consider providing an opportunity" Just enough to say he tried. Now for that referendum.....

See; turn up the heat a little and some progress is made. However, I did read earlier that RCR is one of a few choices on a short-list for a casino in the Ottawa area. Keep the pressure on...make your voice heard.

I don't think he is admitting he is wrong; in true Liberal fashion, he is looking after his own "seat". However, we'll take what we can get.

See Dalton & Dwight, it is OK to admit that you were wrong. Way to go Mayor Watson. I think that it takes a great person to step back, listen to the people, & then if you realize that you were misinformed, man up to it. The DD's could learn alot from Mayor Watson.