RDSP Town Hall Meeting Feedback

Standardbred Canada has now completed seven Town Hall Meetings across Ontario for its Racing Development and Sustainability Plan


Meetings have taken place in the Flamboro, Rideau Carleton, Kawartha, Grand River, Mohawk, Sudbury and Sarnia regions of the province. At each location, a 20-minute presentation was followed by an opportunity for comments and questions.

“Among the people who came out to the meetings, we are very pleased with the overall response and level of constructive dialogue,” said Standardbred Canada President and CEO John Gallinger. “We heard from those who were both for and against the plan, but at the end of each meeting, many of the individuals who initially were opposed came forward to us with their full support.

“Horse owners and horse people in Ontario are requesting assurances that any investment made by Ontario’s participants be carried out in a fully accountable, transparent, and well thought-out manner, managed by professionals with the expertise to carry out major wagering and customer development initiatives,” said Gallinger.

“We spoke, in very clear terms that this reinvestment program will be governed by a committee of Ontario horse people and owners, that the program will be operated independently, and that it will be managed using sound business principals."

Based on feedback throughout the process, Standardbred Canada has recently received approval from its Board of Directors to include representation from each of Ontario’s horsemen’s groups on the Oversight Committee, and to schedule a formal review period to take place in the third year of what will be proposed to be a five-year pilot project.

“Overwhelmingly, what we continue to hear is that this industry must rally for the betterment of the sport and the future of Ontario harness racing,” said Gallinger. “Standardbred Canada believes that the RDSP is a vital stepping stone for the future of Ontario harness racing."

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