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Entries Format
Entries include in order... (Head Number, Horse Name, Actual Claim Price (where applicable), Post Position (where applicable) , Driver, Trainer (where applicable), Morning Line Odds (where applicable).

The Timing of the Entries and Results
The Entry files are created 4 days before the race, and updated daily to catch any changes from the Race Office. Entries are shown the morning after the track releases them. If the entries for a particular track are not listed 4 days ahead of the race, then the Race Office may not have released them at the time we updated the web files.

All files are moved to the SC Web Site once a day at approximately 5:30 AM Eastern Time. Official race result files for the previous day are moved at that time as well. Unofficial results appear on the web site as soon as available.

If you find you are not viewing current entries or results files please click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button of your browser.

When the final driver changes have been completed by the race office,"Final Changes Made " is printed in the entry file, and the daily index file will have an * beside the track name.

Fair results may not be available immediately. They will be displayed as soon as possible.

If you want more immediate information you have the option of using TrackIT, which is a pay for usage system.

Race Result Symbol Definition
ACC accident
AE also eligible
BE broken equipment
BL bled
C horse claimed this race
CH choked
E coupled in entry
EX equipment break
I interference
IX interference break
L lasix
NB non betting race
NR not recorded
P placed by judges
X break stride
VL vet lame
​​​​​​​VS vet sick
@ parked
@@ double parked

Finish Information
DH dead heat
DIS distanced
DNF did not finish
DQ disqualified
H 1/2 length
HD head
NK neck
NS nose
Q 1/4 length
REF refund
T 3/4 length
TDIS time disallowed

Entries/Results Search
If you are searching for a particular horse, place the horse's name in quotation marks (eg. "Cam Fella").
If you are searching for a trainer or driver, do not use their full name. Search for what would appear in the entries and results pages (eg. "J Campbell" for John Campbell or "R McIntosh" for Bob McIntosh).