USTA Rules On Brooks, Stables

The United States Trotting Association, in following its rules related to reciprocity, has announced the suspension of membership privileges for the

following individuals and entities:

* Terry Brooks
* Jeffrey Brooks
* Andrew Brooks
* Victoria Brooks
* Perfect World Enterprises
* VA Enterprises
* Bulletproof Enterprises
* Goldfinger Enterprises
* Seize The Day Enterprises

The USTA ruling follows a decision Jan. 26, 2010, by the Ontario Racing Commission, ordering the immediate suspensions of everyone identified above.

USTA Rule 22, Section 14 states, in part, that “All persons and horses under suspension or expulsion by any State Racing Commission or by a reputable Trotting Association of a foreign country shall upon notice from such commission or association to the Executive Vice President, be suspended or expelled by this Association.”