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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 84 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sexsort icon Gait Date Added Price Value
Deweycheatumnhowe - Breeding Muscles Yankee Trolley Square S 12 S T Nov 22/17 $2,000
Crazed - Breeding Credit Winner May Lou Hall S 12 S T Nov 22/17 $1,500
Tequila N Roses-UPDATED! Amigo Hall Chocolate N Roses W M P Nov 1/17 $15,000 contact
Ideal Fantasy Sold American Ideal Fantasy Jet R 4 M P Oct 23/17 $4,500 +HST
Y S Suzanne Sold Angus Hall Salina R 4 M T Oct 25/17 $18,000
Chanas Lucky Three Sold Mach Three Black Chana B 6 M P Oct 26/17 $3,000 obo
Ladies Life Four Starzzz Shark Full Of Life B 8 M P Oct 26/17 $7,500 obo
Tori Hall Conway Hall Trapeze Artist B 12 M T Oct 28/17 $15,000 US
Divine Justice Pro Bono Best Village Green B 12 M P Oct 31/17 $15,000 +HST
Lyons Katrina Major In Art Milliondollarsmile B 6 M P Oct 31/17 $6,000 +HST
Cool One Camystic Cool Grin B 8 M P Oct 31/17 $5,000 +HST
Always Reese Always A Virgin Devon On The Beach R 5 M P Nov 9/17 $7,500
Fancy Lane Starlet Presidential Ball Armbro Snapshot B 13 M P Nov 10/17 $1,500 obo
Kd Xpress Sportswriter Rambaran Star R 4 M P Nov 13/17 $6,500 obo
Maggies Brand-UPDATED! Cr Excalibur Maggies Legacy R 5 M T Nov 14/17 $6,500
Highfield Sold Deweycheatumnhowe Angel Creek R 4 M T Nov 16/17 $7,500
Dreamfair Zenyatta Rocknroll Hanover Michelles Dream B 9 M P Nov 20/17 $9,500 +HST
One Last Bono Sold Pro Bono Best Artful Mystique R 7 M P Nov 21/17 $2,500
Linatawa N Holmes Hanover Bedspread B 15 M P Nov 22/17 $3,000
My Blue Eyed Angel Cheyenne Rei Broadway Babe R 5 M P Nov 22/17 $4,500 bo
Broadway Pebbles Sold Admirals Galley Broadway Babe B 6 M P Nov 22/17 $7,000 firm
What Can I Say Sold Muscle Mass Personal Touch R 6 H T Nov 1/17 $12,000 +HST
Ok Boromir No Pan Intended Double Creme S 11 H P Nov 14/17 $6,000 obo
Mister Godro Mister Big Lost At The Beach R 4 H P Nov 16/17 $11,000
Shanghai B G Sold Shanghai Phil Canaco Lisa R 10 G P Oct 23/17 $4,800 obo
American Dreamer American Ideal Good Stuff R 3 G P Oct 23/17 $20,000 bo
Town Speaker Well Said Town Feather R 3 G P Oct 23/17 $20,000
Big Joe Doby Electric Stena Boisdale Banshee R 3 G P Oct 23/17 $12,000
Stronski Another Mile Amber Fields R 10 G P Oct 24/17 $6,300
Mach Vegas Mach Three Vegas Strip R 9 G P Oct 25/17 $4,000
Highland Bogart Modern Art Abbys Admiration R 8 G P Oct 26/17 $5,000
Credit Risk Up The Credit KG Tigress R 4 G P Oct 26/17 $20,000
Windsun Falls Mach Three Artistic Melody R 4 G P Oct 26/17 $7,500 obo
Sos Mach Xtreme Sold Mach Three Northern Queen R 7 G P Oct 30/17 $6,300
Rocknroll Band Mattnamaras Band Sleep Talk R 12 G P Oct 30/17 $4,000
Bluebird Virtue-UPDATED! Always A Virgin Hannas Delight R 3 G P Oct 31/17 $9,000 +HST
Pylater Sold No Pan Intended Bunny My Gal R 6 G P Nov 2/17 $4,000
Tea With Ms Mcgill Sold Santanna Blue Chip Miss Krista Q R 5 G P Nov 3/17 $7,000 +HST
J Gs Willie Brandons Cowboy Abby Best R 4 G P Nov 3/17 $10,000
Real Wicked Sold Big Bad John Real Ravishing R 3 G P Nov 3/17 $7,000 +HST
Kitarro Southwind Lustre Shopaholic R 3 G T Nov 9/17 $6,500
Pro Play Shadow Play Prosecco R 5 G P Nov 9/17 $10,000
Western Phil Sportswriter Matter Of Style R 3 G P Nov 10/17 $32,000 +HST
Tiguan Seelster Sold Up The Credit Take My Breathaway R 4 G P Nov 10/17 $6,000
Capitol Trip Lislea Tls Trish R 8 G P Nov 13/17 $6,300
Shady Jack-REDUCED! Shadyshark Hanover Mrs Jack Daniels R 4 G P Nov 13/17 $6,500
Zorgwijk Rocket-REDUCED! Southwind Lustre Got Sno Socks R 3 G T Nov 14/17 $15,000 +HST
Future King Angus Hall Maggies Legacy R 3 G T Nov 14/17 $20,000 +HST
Idontwanabefriends Artistic Fella Grand Embrace R 5 G P Nov 15/17 $7,000 +HST
Mile Hill Mac Northern Bailey A C Dream R 3 G T Nov 15/17 $33,000
Lulus Boy Art Major Ddi R 10 G P Nov 16/17 $6,000 obo
Washington Hanover Sold Real Artist What Fools Believe R 9 G P Nov 17/17 $8,000 +HST
Sports Royalty Sold Sportswriter Royal Street R 3 G P Nov 17/17 $10,000 +HST
Muscles Bound Angus Hall Showmeyourmuscles R 4 G T Nov 20/17 $14,000
Shiftyn Georgie Rambaran Paradigm Shift R 10 G P Nov 21/17 $5,800
Ardyne Sportstar Sportswriter Ardyne Phyllis R 2 G P Nov 21/17 $12,000
Silversmith Artistic Fella Smooth Silver R 4 G P Nov 23/17 $17,000
Big Bad Carly Sold Big Bad John Sams Clever Babe R 3 F P Oct 23/17 $2,800 obo
Conway Angelina Archangel Mary Todd Y 1 F T Oct 25/17 $30,000 firm
Prettylitljimstone-REDUCED! Big Jim Rhinestone Scooter R 2 F P Oct 30/17 $14,000 obo
Black Cheddar Betterthancheddar Lone Mystic Y 1 F P Oct 31/17 $18,000 neg
You Rock Girl Kir Shadow Play She Rocks Y 1 F P Oct 31/17 $20,000 obo
Magestic M-REDUCED! Majestic Son Striking Sibyl R 3 F T Nov 3/17 $10,000 +HST
Jayda Nicole Sold Well Said Stonebridge Luau R 2 F P Nov 3/17 $15,000 +HST
Miss Mittzie Bee Sold Badlands Hanover Oven Mitt R 3 F P Nov 4/17 $9,500 +HST
D Gs Letitgo Mach Three Wondrous Killean R 2 F P Nov 6/17 $12,000
Montanaalaska Sold Angus Hall Regal Blue R 2 F T Nov 6/17 $15,000
Putnams Fire Force Of Life Reading Terminal R 3 F P Nov 6/17 $10,000
Something Reel Westwardho Hanover Im A Reelist Y 1 F P Nov 8/17 contact
Something Royal Western Paradise Michelles Jewel B 2 F P Nov 8/17 contact
Mrs Bailey Sportswriter Ms Harrington R 2 F P Nov 10/17 $15,000 +HST
Zummie Ummy Armbro Tropicana Beba R 3 F T Nov 12/17 $15,000 +HST
Peace Of Dali Dali Pursuit Of Peace Y 1 F P Nov 13/17 $20,000
Irish Martini Sold Bosuns Mate Lanis Raider R 2 F P Nov 13/17 $4,500 obo
Avenue Road Katie Sold Art Official My Precious Katie R 2 F P Nov 17/17 $4,000 +HST
The Camel Express L H Stryker By Express R 3 F P Nov 22/17 $12,000 +HST
Braonach Camluck Clonlara R 3 F P Nov 23/17 $11,500 +HST
Soccer Hanover Sold Dragon Again Shaky Cam Hanover R 3 C P Oct 24/17 $11,000 +HST
Warrawee Time Sportswriter Warrawee Jangle R 2 C P Oct 24/17 $12,000 +HST
Power Engineered Power Park Parsons Daughter R 3 C P Oct 24/17 $6,200
Montanablackangel Sold Archangel Regal Blue R 1 C T Nov 6/17 $15,000
Jayport Ona Cruise Angus Hall Jayportcashforlife Y 1 C T Nov 6/17 $20,000
Play For Gold Sold Shadow Play Full Of Gold R 3 C P Nov 8/17 $15,500
Paddy Murphy Westwardho Hanover Cinder Angelina Y 1 C P Nov 8/17 contact

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