Canada's ONLY son of Muscle Hill (click for foal report).
The most commercial pedigree in the industry, and the best trotting value in Ontario!

MERCHANDISER (click for pedigree)

Richest Trotters in North America - 2016
#1 - Marion Marauder (by Muscle Hill) - $1,558,254
#2 - Resolve (by Muscle Hill) - $1,421,993
#3 - Bar Hopping (by Muscle Hill) - $1,284,055
#4 - Southwind Frank (by Muscle Hill) - $1,174,188

Shares and 2017 bookings to MERCHANDISER 3,1:53.4s for sale by Bob Burgess - (905) 699 2790

Merchandiser is the only son of MUSCLE HILL, far and away the world's premier trotting sire, standing in Ontario. It can be argued that Merchandiser is the best-bred and best-conformed son of Muscle Hill now standing anywhere in the world. And his dam, Majestic Style, hails from the greatest trotting family in history!

In addition to his unrivaled pedigree, his racing credentials compare favourably with those of very successful standardbred stallions like Balanced Image and Muscle Mass, who have gone on to be champion sires, and of the very successful thoroughbred stallions by AP Indy like Malibu Moon and Congrats.

Malibu Moon, after a brief, yet unspectacular racing career, in which he earned $33,840, began his stud career with a service fee of $3,000. With a top pedigree and a slew of winning progeny, he now stands for $95,000.

Congrats was a moderate stakes winner at age 4 & 5, but a stunning individual with a pedigree second-to-none, he is now a leading sire in the sport, and has recently seen his offspring sell for $2 million and $1.7 million.

Come and see him for yourself, at the farm in Ancaster, and get in on the ground floor. Buy shares in Merchandiser today!

Canada's only son of MUSCLE HILL!

Standing at Stonewater Farms; 1049 Butter Road, W., Ancaster, ON L9G 3L1; 2017 Stud Fee: $4,000

Contact: Bob Burgess - 905 699 2790 -

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